Friday, May 11, 2007


Alsip and Burbank Police were pursuing a stolen vehicle when the driver struck a plain clothes Burbank officer at 95th & Roberts Road in Hickory Hills. Officers on the scene fired at the vehicle striking both driver and passenger. No word on the condition of the officer or the offenders.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Burbank P.O.

A Chicago Ridge man was charged with attempted murder, accused of running over a Burbank Police detective who was trying to stop his car in connection with a burglary investigation.

The detective, a 17-year veteran, released after receiving treatment to his lower body along with 12 staples to close a head wound.



leomemorial said...

Any update on our Burbank Officer?
Many wishes for a speedy recovery.

Burbank PD = Great department...

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but more important to Sergeants in Chicago is the new Lts. test scandal. The morale of the many getting flushed down the toilet for the benefit of a clouted few (AGAIN!). Amazing that a test that was meant to be off the cuff is being re-given with the same questions. Only 7 questions by the way, so everyone remembers them. Gee, who could benefit from this??????? Everyone should get damn near 100%......unless they added a few key points that only really great studiers like Matt Cline, Dan O'Shea, Lil Wayne, and friends would be smart enough to pick up on!
The scenario which most people believe goes something like this.....The city got the graded results of the test (both parts)and their "people" didn't do so well. The city knew that they couldn't send the written part back to be "re-graded" and putting more weight on the oral portion would not help their chosen ones either. What to do?????? Give the same exact oral again, add some extra "key" points, which as stated earlier, only really "great studiers" would pick up upon and make the orals worth the majority of the grade! Fatty and friends, you have fooled no one. Just like the many other blatant scandals in this department, you have lived up to your reputation as the most corrupt administration in the history of CPD. Eight months to grade a Sergeant's test and now a scandal that will make "notify the watch commander" look like a joke. I can't believe that you guys have the balls to make the rank and file watch stupid streaming videos about ethics when that word doesn't even appear in the Chicago dictionary. I hope you die of a grabber the day after you retire you fat fuck. By the way say Hi to Hitler and John Wayne Gacy when you get to your eternal reward.

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