Sunday, May 06, 2007

St. Jude

Well step off was set for 0800 hrs. They obviously had to wait for all those who were stuck in traffic. Traffic sucked!
Why didn't the 1st district step off first? There were units that led off and patrol was pushed back.
All in all nice location for a backdrop but poorly planned in our opinion. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and next year will be smoother.
Also we heard from one of our own (sergeant) that after 8:00 the lot attendants were looking for vehicles occupied by civilians only and charging for parking.
Plenty of officers were dropped off by their families (running late) and we wonder if they were charged for parking.


Anonymous said...

I got suck on the second level of the parking garage for over an hour trying to get out.

This will be my last St. Judes parade, sorry, gas is to much to waste sitting in a garage and falling assleep because I just got off 1st watch.

Does anyone know were to park(free) so you can get out FASTER?

Anonymous said...

Chicago Police Find Possible Terror Suspect Working at Area Headquarters

Last Edited: Monday, 07 May 2007, 10:34 PM CDT
Created: Monday, 07 May 2007, 9:20 PM CDT

Possible Terror Suspect Found Working at Police Area Headquarters
Chicago -- It was a surprisings discovery for Chicago police officers who found out a man working at their police station was on a terrorist watch list. Craig wall reports from Area Five police headquarters with what steps police have taken and what was not done before the man started working there.

Anonymous said...

City hires firm to find new top cop
May 7, 2007
The Chicago Police board has hired a search firm to help find a replacement for Superintendent Phil Cline, who announced his retirement amid questions over how the department handled police misconduct allegations.
Chicago-based David Gomez & Associates, Inc. will conduct a national search and help the board choose three candidates, board President Demetrius Carney said Monday in a statement. Mayor Richard M. Daley is required by law to pick Cline's replacement from that group.
''We are confident that David and his team will assemble a diverse pool of the best-qualified candidates from across the country to help fill this important position,'' Carney said.
When he announced his retirement last month, Cline, 57, said he would stay in office until the board, which is made up of nine civilians appointed by the mayor, names a replacement.
Cline, who became police superintendent in 2003, had been expected to retire later this year. But the allegations appear to have quickened his announcement.
In one incident, a bar camera allegedly caught 12-year police veteran Anthony Abbate beating a female bartender after she refused to continue serving him drinks. Abbate faces felony charges stemming from the February incident.
Police faced intense criticism because Abbate originally was charged with a misdemeanor, until the videotape became public.
In another incident, six officers allegedly assaulted four businessmen in a Dec. 15 altercation. That was also allegedly caught on surveillance video, but police have not released the footage. Cline announced in March that the officers were taken off street duty.
Daley has called for reform in the way the Office of Professional Standards reviews officer-misconduct allegations and has proposed that the agency report directly to him instead of the superintendent. The mayor's proposal will be introduced at this week's City Council meeting.

Cicero savior? Hmmmm...

May 6, 2007
BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist
Sneed hears retiring Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline is a wanted man.

• Translation: Cline is in the cross hairs of the Town of Cicero, which has targeted him to help fight crime in Al Capone's backyard.

Word is Cicero Town President Larry Dominick is a big fan of Cline, who has made major inroads in reducing Chicago's violent crime, and wants to hire Cline as a police consultant.

"We need help desperately," said a Cicero source. "We have outrageous crime in such a small town. The village had 11 murders in 2006, and only two were solved. We've already had nine murders in 2007, with only one case solved, and we are only a village of about 82,000 people.

"Cline has a national reputation as a crime buster, and [Dominick] is outraged," the source added.

The reported crime index rate in Cicero shows 68 aggravated sexual assault cases in 2006, with only seven solved.

"The year before that, we had 92 sexual assault cases, and NONE were solved," the source added.

"In 2006, we had 117 cases of aggravated battery, and only 32 were solved.

"The people in this community are suffering. Even Dominick has four bodyguards."

Sneed hears the desire to hire Cline as a top consultant was a major discussion at a recent Cicero precinct captains' meeting attended by Dominick.

• Top tip II: Rumble is that a major Cicero Police Department shakeup is planned for the end of the month.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Former Officer Goes On Trial In Teenager's Death
Mother: 'I'm Feeling Much, Much Pain'

POSTED: 6:08 pm CDT May 7, 2007
UPDATED: 7:07 pm CDT May 7, 2007

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CHICAGO -- Two years after an accident that killed a Chicago high school basketball player, a former Chicago police officer appeared in court on Monday to stand trial in connection with his death.

Images: Former Officer Accused In Hit-And-Run
Video: Trial Begins In Teenager's Death

Prosecutors said Carlton McKay has been accused in the September 2005 hit-and-run crash that killed 15-year-old Eddie Lucas, who played for Morgan Park High School. Police said the incident occurred at 109th Street and Vincennes Avenue at approximately 8:30 p.m.

"I'm feeling much, much pain right about now," said Lucas' mother, Judy Gultney, outside of court. "All I want is justice for my son's death."

Witnesses said a black Cadillac sped through the four-way stop, striking Lucas, NBC5's Sharon Wright reported. Prosecutors said McKay filed a stolen vehicle report the next morning.

"He wouldn't have my little cousin laying out in the street like a dog," said Keshia Gultney, Lucas' cousin.

Prosecutors said they have the evidence and witnesses to connect McKay to the incident, which they said McKay tried to cover up. Defense attorneys, however, said the evidence was circumstantial. NBC5's Sharon Wright reported that McKay waived his right to a jury trial.

During the afternoon session, McKay's girlfriend confirmed her grand jury testimony to the judge, stating that following the incident, McKay had told her that he had been in an accident, indicating the Cadillac had been damaged. Lucas' family said if that was true, they were dismayed.

"He was supposed to serve and protect," Judy Gultney said. "And he didn't do either."

Anonymous said...

French police arrest nearly 600 people in post-election violence+

PARIS, May 7 (AP) - (Kyodo)— French police have arrested a total of 592 people across the country as bands of rioters protested conservative Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential election victory Sunday, French media reported.
The police said a total of 730 vehicles were torched and 28 police officers were injured in violent incidents from Sunday night to Monday morning. Police fought stone-throwing rioters with tear gas, but it was not clear how many rioters were injured, according to Radio France.
On Sunday night, about 5,000 people gathered at the Place de la Bastille, a favored gathering spot for right-wing supporters during the election.
Other fights with the police broke out in Toulouse, Marseilles and Lyon.

officer edward poppish said...

as a police officer i was touched by the display of solidarity at the st judes parade. this is what a family truly is. even though we have our disagreements and our differences we came together as a family and gave a message that no matter what crap the media,"the reverends"and the general public gives us,the law enforcement family bond,i.e. county, state, and suburbs,is more powerful than this. please lets always remember the most important mission is not seatbelt missions,wolfpack missions,or level 1,2,3,4,5 doc. its if every officer you see at roll call comes to check off in one piece and not in the hospital or the morgue thats a succesful day contrary to what the powers be at 35th street know in our profession we deal with the fact that every day we go to work we may not come home. please lets use the st jude parade to remind us to never miss an oppurtunity to tell your friends and family, " I love you".I would bet every dollar i have that the one thing the family and friends of our fallen would want to say to them is "I love you" one more time. Lets be better fathers,husbands,wives and mothers and friends because that is truly what makes us heroes and that is truly what will last long after the honors and the fake tears of our all my law enforcement family all across the world, be safe,stand tall,and lets take care of each other and be good to each other because frankly not a lot of people will.

Anonymous said...

This will be my last St. Judes parade, sorry, gas is to much to waste sitting in a garage and falling assleep because I just got off 1st watch.

Sarge, I believe in free speech, but could you please delete the 1st comment?

Our fallen officers cannot pay for gas anymore, or fall asleep because they just got off their watch.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone takent the time or initiative to findout who the members of the Chicago Police Board are and who and what they are affiliated with?

Folks, this is the body that selects the future Superintendent and all disciplinary appeals over 15 days and termination cases.

SCC, probably should do a complete post on the Police Board. The Police Board maintains an incredible amount of power over police officers lives.

It is quite interesting and a conflict of interest that private attorney Tom Needham personally chose one of the board members,GEORGE M. VELCICH: Appointed in 1998 on the recommendation of Tom Needham, a top mayoral aide who went on to become former Police Supt. Terry Hillard's chief of staff.
Tom Needham regularly represents police officers in disciplinary matters in front of the police board. Does using Mr. Needham as your attorney guarantee your exoneration? Something to think about if you are appealing a suspension or are 30 pending separation.

PRESIDENT DEMETRIUS M. CARNEY: Appointed in 1996, reportedly at the suggestion of former Daley Corporation Counsel Susan Sher. Partner, law firm of Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon. For years, he was principal in a minority law firm, Carney Brothers, that frequently got a piece of the action on city bond deals. Graduate of De La Salle Institute, Daley's high school alma mater, but they were not classmates. Consensus-builder behind the scenes, but insists on being the board's only public spokesman.
VICE PRESIDENT SCOTT J. DAVIS: Appointed in 1989 on recommendation of former Daley Corporation Counsel Kelly Welsh. Partner in the clout- heavy law firm of Mayer Brown Row and Maw. Firm's partners either currently or once included: Welsh, former Daley chiefs of staff Roger Kiley and John Satalic and former U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley, the mayor's brother. Savvy lawyer whose experience helped Carney get through his first term. Independent streak sometimes riles City Hall.
ARTHUR J. SMITH: Longest-serving board member, appointed by former Mayor Harold Washington in 1986. Only board member not chosen by Daley. Former Chicago police officer who parlayed his extensive political contacts into a string of successful businesses. Used to own a bus company that got a steady stream of government contracts. Now owns a company that does fingerprinting and background checks for a host of government agencies. Close to former Mayor Eugene Sawyer and a host of African-American politicians. Perennial campaign contributor.
WILLIAM J. KIRKLING: Appointed in 1996 at the behest of Ald. William Beavers (7th), who was then Police Committee chairman . Still known in political circles as "Beavers' dentist." A former Chicago police officer who left the force to become a dentist. Doesn't hesitate to side with black defendants against police.
THE REV. JOHNNY MILLER: Appointed in 1998 on the recommendation of Charles Bowen, the mayor's chief liaison to the black community. Pastor of the West Side's Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Reportedly met Daley at a CAPS march and impressed the mayor with a band and other church-sponsored activities for local youth. Replaced the Rev. Wilbur Daniel in a Police Board slot long reserved for a black minister. Selection was controversial because it shifted the plum from a South Side church to the West Side. South Siders reportedly were not happy.
GEORGE M. VELCICH: Appointed in 1998 on the recommendation of Tom Needham, a top mayoral aide who went on to become former Police Supt. Terry Hillard's chief of staff. Partner in the law firm of Belgrade and O'Donnell, P.C. Served as assistant state's attorney under Daley, but not a close friend or mayoral confidante. Has had only a handful of conversations with the mayor. Chosen more for his legal expertise. Daley likes to have a preponderance of experienced lawyers on the Police Board to plow through a huge case file.
PHYLLIS L. APELBAUM: Appointed in 1996. Founder and CEO of Arrow Messenger Service Inc. Influential businesswoman and consummate political insider. Reliable campaign contributor. Close friend of Daley's Buildings Commissioner Norma Reyes. Popular among police command and rank-and-file because she never misses a recruit graduation or retirement party. Aside from Carney, board member with the closest ties to City Hall.
PATRICIA C. BOBB: Appointed in 1998. President of a law firm that bears her name and specializes in medical malpractice cases. Former Chicago Bar Association president who spent time as an assistant state's attorney. Chosen for her legal expertise, but reportedly got to know Daley at parents nights and sporting events at St. Ignatius College Prep. Bobb's children were students there with the mayor's daughter Lally.
VICTOR M. GONZALEZ: Least-experienced board member, appointed in 2000 on the recommendation of CTA Board member and Hispanic Democratic Organization founder Victor Reyes, the mayor's former intergovernmental affairs director and all-purpose political enforcer. Senior counsel for UNICARE Health Plan. Replaced Victor Armendariz in a Police Board seat long reserved for Hispanics. Armendariz left the board in 1999 to mount a losing campaign for mayor of west suburban Cicero.

Anonymous said...

This will be my last St. Jude’s parade, sorry, gas is to much to waste sitting in a garage and falling asleep because I just got off 1st watch.

Sarge, I believe in free speech, but could you please delete the 1st comment?

Our fallen officers cannot pay for gas anymore, or fall asleep because they just got off their watch.

Thank you very much.

Sorry, but the bottom line is the DEPARTMENT and the CITY has to come up with a solution to FIX THIS problem. When you have to wait up to an HOUR AND A HALF to get out of a garage - that is inexcusable.
Therefore if the problem is not solved by next year, that will be my last "march".

As for our "fallen" officers; if I happened to get whacked in the line of duty, the best thing I could hope for is to have my family have a nice big check given to them. All the parades, the 21 gun salutes and the Gold Star parks that are built are not going to bring back any off our fallen officers.

Semper Fi! – Stay safe and stay in the hole til’ 29 and a day

Spell check please said...

To the first post: you need to freakin' learn how to spell. It's "stuck" and "too" much, "asleep", "where" not were. Can you say "merit promotion"?

Anonymous said...

To: Thu May 10, 10:55:00 AM

you are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Spell check please said...

To the first post: you need to freakin' learn how to spell. It's "stuck" and "too" much, "asleep", "where" not were. Can you say "merit promotion"?


NOPE.. 389 off my list in 1977.. you see kid, when I came on the job we didn't need college.. SO I can't spell. Also, you try writing when you're drunk. By the way - what is "spellcheck"?

Go put you're hairgel on kid.

Anonymous said...

Cicero has so much crime because there are so many illegals and mexican garbage living there. Funny it used to be a hellhole run by the mob, but they kept the crime down.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
To: Thu May 10, 10:55:00 AM

you are an asshole.

Thu May 10, 11:48:00 PM

YUP . . . AND I got more time on the job than you kid . . .
Perhaps one day you'll wake up and realize it's all just "glory-boy" bullshit. Hut - Hut - Hut - Semper-Fi - Do or Die - Lets all stay in Iraq; Glory, Glory, Glory.

Brain washed dumb-fucks. Go back to catholic school and get brain washed some more.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.