Monday, November 26, 2007


25th District Tactical Officers save a mother and child from burning house.

A mother dropped her 4-year-old daughter into the arms of waiting Chicago police officers today after a fire broke out in the family's West Side home.

Great job!


Anonymous said...

Dont worry,CPD will get sued for something on this.

Anonymous said...

They did the right thing, like we all do every day. At least they got an attaboy!

Anonymous said...

I worked with their Commander back in the day. I bet he's proud.

Anonymous said...

Why were 025 district guys down in 011? Looking for dope pinches perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic;

The new Superintendent will make $300.

Will he be tapping into OUR pension fund after quiting after 3 years?
I know you need at least 20 years for a pension but has some scam been worked out with the mayor?

Anonymous said...

Hey wheres to contract clock? I miss it

Anonymous said...

Come on, Second City Sarge!! We have a new OUTSIDER for a Supt. for 3 days now, and no blog thread on it? You gotta do better than this!!

Anonymous said...

To 1:20

Hey jagballs the patch we wear on our shoulder reads Chicago. another narrow minded moron who got promoted and didnt deserve it because you never did a friggin thing in your career other than be a good kiss ass.

You idiot


another narrow minded moron who got promoted and didnt deserve it Tue Dec 04, 11:43:00 AM

Why would you assume that 1:20 is a supervisor

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.