Sunday, November 18, 2007


This evening I had the radio on and caught a forum on WBBM 780 of the candidates for Cook County States Attorney Office. The show played the candidates answers concerning previous police corruption, i.e. Burge and if they favored the release of the CR list. This is important folks.
You can listen to their answers at the above link but I'll give you a quick run down on where they stand concerning the list.

Tom Allen (D)
Chicago Aldermen and opposed to the release of the list. Mr. Allen felt that while Burge was a bad guy he by no way represents the men and women of the Chicago Police Department. Mr. Allen believes the release of the list to the aldermen serves no purpose and it is unfair to the officers and their families.

Anita Alvarez (D)
NO! Would not want the list released. Ms. Alvarez believes that some allegations are legit many are just pure nonsense and it is impossible to separate that out of the list.
Edward Barron (R)
Hard working police officers tend to get more CR's as retaliation. To release the list would not be fair

Tommy Brewer (D)
List should be given to the alderman.

Howard Brookins (D)
Brookins feels that the alderman deserve the list because they craft the laws and they need that list so they can stop the hemorrhaging of multi million dollar lawsuits being paid out.

Robert Milan (D)
The alderman should not be given list because the list is not fair. Some CR numbers are for mere rule violations within the department. Hard working policemen will get retaliatory CR's from bad people trying to help themselves in their own cases.

Tony Peraica (R)
He compared the events of Burge to Abu Ghraid and would do all he could to reopen the Burge case. Never mentioned the list but I'm pretty sure I know where he stands.

Larry Sufferdin (D)
To help victims this man would go after guns. He believes that taking them away would solve the problem of violence. The alderman should have the list.

Now we know that there are three Democrats (Allen, Alvarez and Milan) we can support and one Republican (Barron).
From all indications Peraica has the Republican nomination locked up. Pray one of the three listed Dems is the nomination.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Barron gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

They should take that list, make it into toilet paper and put it in every aldermanic bathroom so they can wipe their ass with it.

That's all the list---and them---are good for.

Anonymous said...

if howard brookins wins we are all in trouble.

15 year asa

Anonymous said...

The leaders of the Police Unions, FOP, PB&PA should be careful who they back in this race. I hope they all get on board and pull a full court press backing one candidate.

Anonymous said...

Peraica needs to just pack it in. He showed in the Cook County Board election just what an asshole he truly is. I will NEVER waste another vote on that TOAD again!
The last thing any of us needs to see is an ungracious, unprofessional whiner like him lose ANOTHER election and attempt to storm 69 W. Washington...should he run again for any office and lose, hopefully he will go to jail if he chooses to pull that shit again.

Anonymous said...

Who ever will work to ban Guns gets my vote.

Bobby-O said...

Brookins winning this election is a scary scary prospect. While Tom Allen was spending his career defending as a public defender blaming police and defending El Rukns and other gang bangers, Anita Alvarez and Bob Milan were putting gang bangers away and standing up for police officers every single day. Between the two of them, Alvarez has been a more loyal friend to the police and, frankly, better liked. Milan doesn't have a real chance of winning so the support should go to Alvarez. Its really a no brainer.

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