Wednesday, February 13, 2008


From the Sun-Times

Weis decided to explore the possibility of a Los Angeles-style, 12-hour shift after a give-and-take last week with officers in the 21st District, Bond said. Weis has been appearing at roll calls -- and dismissing police supervisors from that discussion -- to get his finger on the pulse of officers on the street.

In the past I wrote a post on LAPD work schedule. This is what the LAPD 12 hour schedule entails.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday day off group
Thursday, Friday, Saturday day off group
each group gets every other Sunday off.

So this week I work Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Next week I work Thursday , Friday, Saturday and off Sunday

In LA they call it flexible schedule........officers can work 8 hour days, 10 hour days or 12 hour days.

This is a hot issue in LA where the LA TIMES Editorial had an opinion on it........

Unlike those in other large police departments across the country, most patrol officers in Los Angeles work just three 12-hour days a week. The sweetness of this schedule cannot be underestimated, and it is wildly popular with the rank and file. Officers have more time to recharge and recover from their physically and emotionally taxing work. They have more time for their families. They have more time for second jobs. They rack up more overtime pay, and the handful who reside out of state have more time to jet between work and their homes in Idaho and Las Vegas.

Because of the short workweek, the city has paid millions in overtime that it otherwise wouldn't have. It also has fewer cops patrolling the streets than if they worked a four-day week, as is far more standard for large urban police departments. Last fall, a city study found that response times are longer, and certain neighborhoods have so small a patrol presence that they could be designated police-free zones. Now, in an excruciatingly tight budget year, the city is projecting a $16-million deficit for the department, a chunk of which is overtime the city must pay officers when they're on call to appear in court on their days off.

The LA Times points to Honolulu PD that had a 12 hour day and switched back to 8 hour days. Star- Bulletin of Honolulu.

Mark Donahue states that he is negotiating with the city for a 6 on 3 off schedule. That's a 9 week cycle instead of a 7 week cycle like we currently have. 2 of the nine weeks you will work 48 hours, 2 of the weeks you will work 40 hours and 5 of the weeks you will work 32 hours. So in a 9 week cycle you will work 24 hours less then you currently do. That is approximately 121 hours short of the cities requires 2080 hours of work a year. In essences 15 less days a year worked. What is the city going to demand for this concession? My question is why are we required to work 2080 hours a year.? This is the usual hang up from any kind of change or the elimination of the 6th work day.


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This was posted on HSCC, does anyone know what this is all about?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Why have you allowed certain Officer's and supervisors residential address's to be published or did you even know? Do you even know who were speaking of? Why were you unable to prevent this travesty? By the way their still paying union dues and so are we! You better clean this up immediately for them and their families safety and well being. We can hardly wait till the next election this is another all time low blow!

Anonymous said...

Please,please DUMP the six day work week and give us the 12 hour work day...

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12 would suck.

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the shortfall will be made up by allowing all uniformed officers responsible for answering radio assignments credit for the 1/2 lunch. average working days in a year is 260 getting credit for the 1/2 lunch credits the officer 130 hrs. It is unbelievable that uniformed officers sitting in uniform in the public with the squad parked on a city street is not providing a service. The city has an empty squad car sitting at midway airport with the blue lights going. Uniformed police both blue and white have always gotten the short end detectives never worry about 30 minutes for lunch in fact it takes that long to decide where everyone wants to go. wharej603

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I for one can't wait for the 12 hour work day and the end of the six day work week. JFed hit a Grand Slam on this one!

Anonymous said...

You work 2080hrs a year because that's what eight hr. days equal. Just like the rest of the world!

In the end you are a hourly employee!

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Forget about that 12 hr. day. Some of us don't live just for this job. Some of us go to school, have a family life or another job. My kids play baseball, won't this keep me away from their games? Oh, well I guess in less than 5 yrs. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right 12 hours driving a beat car in 015 or 011. Anybody who wants 12 hour days has never worked in the ghetto in a beat car.

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