Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

$40 vehicle stickers urged for all cars of Cook County residents

All Cook County residents would have to buy a $40 vehicle sticker for each car they own under a proposal two County Board commissioners are floating to help plug a budget deficit now pegged at $238 million.

Three-fifths of the revenue would be dedicated to the county health fund, where the deficit is $113 million, Moreno said..... (more)

PLEASE NOTE: To help meet the 2008 budgetary shortfall, the Chicago City Council approved increases for certain vehicle sticker prices. These new vehicle sticker prices take effect on January 1, 2008 and are:
Larger Passenger (4,500 pounds or more)…$120
Truck A (16,000 pounds or less)…$180
Truck B (over 16,000)...$420.00 (not sold online)
Truck C - is eliminated

Effective January 1, 2008, Truck A vehicle stickers cover all trucks and pickup trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 16,000 pounds or less and Truck B vehicle stickers cover all vehicles over 16,000 pounds.

With a new pricing structure from the City of Chicago and recommendation for a new "wheel Tax" for the Cook County the cost to own becomes excessive.
Assume you own a pick up truck, you will be writing checks to the state, county and city for:
Plate registration ..............$78.00
New proposed county sticker......$50.00
New city sticker cost...........$180.00
For the privilege to own........._________

Now you want to drive? Fuel taxes.
In Illinois the total federal and state tax on gasoline is 48.4 cents per gallon, Cook County adds an additional 6 cents per gallon and Chicago adds 5 cents per gallon. Drive a pick up in Chicago and it could cost you $320.00 just to own the vehicle each year, fuel it in Chicago and you will be taxed 59 cents a gallon. If your truck gets approximately 16-18 mpg and you drive a minimum 12,000 miles in a year you are looking at an additional $400 per year just in fuel taxes. Enough already!



Tip of the ice burg, buddy, tip of the ice burg.

Corrupt and idiotic publicly elected officials are the most expensive, and least satisfying, whores on the planet.

At least authentic whores give their customers some level of satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

They need the money to fund the ghetto rats.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots. Maybe it's time to disband the county government altogether.

Anonymous said...

never wright another city sticker again

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting!!!!

Now ask yourself how many of our coworkers,friends and relatives failed to vote today????

I voted for and supported Ron Paul a 19 year Congressman who has never voted to raise any taxes or supported a tax.

I am hopeful,Huckabee made huge inroads and Paul did fairly well but Americans need to WAKEUP,our nation is falling faster than Rome fell.

Anonymous said...

Remember that John McCain and his Socialist allies want to impose an additional 50 cent a gallon national gas tax.

Where does this end???

We are rapidly moving to a two class nation of haves and have nots and as policemen we will be part of the latter half.

Anonymous said...

Economists state that the subprime fiasco is in its infancy and that it will make the dot com bubble bust look meek.

Politicians of both colors are oblivious to the plight of the middle class and ruthlessly impose more and more taxation.

Are we destined for a 21st Century Tea Party?

Anonymous said...

Tax and spend.

leomemorial said...

This city has done a great job at pushing jobs into the burbs or out of state, not providing equipment/training to our officers, has the worst public transit, etc.

When I temped at Revenue, the higher-ups would always try to think up new taxes, licenses, etc and then take it to city hall. If city hall liked it, then they would get a pat on the ass and city hall takes credit for the idea.

But it's the people here in chicago that have failed us. Either because they didn't take the time to vote or because they voted for these people.

Anonymous said...

Are we destined for a 21st Century Tea Party?

Tue Feb 05, 11:54:00 PM

Oneth by land,twoeth by Irish Welfare.

The lobsterbacks of Crook County have made their move on Lexington&Concord.

Anonymous said...

No, the tea party was over a .2% tax. We pay on average 58% tax. (Fed and State income, property, and sales, plus medicare and social security---for side jobs or others that don't have a pension....

Anonymous said...

For that kind of money I'm going to buy a bicycle to go to work on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What a bunch of idiots. Maybe it's time to disband the county government altogether.

Tue Feb 05, 08:25:00 PM


Anonymous said...

How about the city selling you the right to the spot in front of your home. A yearly fee would be applied and the spot is yours. And for fairness you would have first shot at it, then a neighbor would be able to apply for it. A window sticker with that address would make it enforceable.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Hillary...and you'll be putting a federal vehicle sticker right next to the city and county stickers

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