Thursday, February 21, 2008


Miami PD is testing the use of these Micro Air Vehicles produced by Honeywell. They have a ceiling of over 10,000 feet and weigh only 18 pounds and will be nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.
Police in Miami, Florida want to find out whether a small unmanned air vehicle able to hover and stare can help law enforcement in urban areas.

To that end, Miami-Dade Police Department plans a four- to six-month evaluation of Honeywell's ducted-fan Micro Air Vehicle (MAV).

The gasoline-powered gMAV has just received an experimental airworthiness certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration, clearing the way for the ground-breaking experiment. Approval was granted following a demonstration flight for the FAA at a remote site in Laguna, New Mexico....(more)


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I feel like the poor kid on the block at Christmas. Why don't we get to play with the toys?

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The Super has made more appearances in districts and when he goes to roll calls, he sends all the white shirts out. This past week he had a meeting with all Watch Commanders. The weekly DOC Meeting is pretty much the entire exempt command staff.

With all this talk about responsibility and front line supervisors being "mom and dad" to officers on the street, has he met with any sergeants yet? I mean, there are 1,200 of us and we're being tasked to do a lot very shortly.

Are we about to get fucked over? Maybe this needs a post?

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"Are we about to get fucked over..."

UH--What else is new?

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Toy planes? You should see the one's those guys fly at Schiller Woods.

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pretty cool but it should have the capability to fire rounds of ammunition---

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