Thursday, March 22, 2007


Jury ruled their grievances led to retaliation .
In April 2006, a federal jury awarded Sgt. Nancy Lipman $250,000 and Lt. Diane B. O'Sullivan $50,000. About two months later, Lipman and O'Sullivan were notified of one-day unpaid suspensions, which they contested in court, claiming retaliation.

"By attempting to follow through with suspensions against the plaintiffs despite the jury's verdict, the city has conclusively made the case against itself that its retaliatory conduct is likely to persist in the future," Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole wrote in a stinging opinion.

The judge in this case is pretty perceptive in his opinion of the city and that its retaliatory conduct is likely to persist. Hmmmmmm we on the job call it a "brick"
Congratulations! Sgt. Lipman and Lt. O'Sullivan.


Anonymous said...

It's the otherway around...Lt. Lipman and Sergeant O'Sullivan. Other than that, right on the money!

Anonymous said...

SCSarge - Please post something about IL. House Bill 992 being defeated in the House Labor Committee on Wed. The bill would have allowed residency to go to arbitration for Chicago police unions, which is a right given to all other law enforcement unions in Illinois. The teacher's union just had House Bill 464 pass the House 105-4 to lift residency. FOP should be at least as strong as the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, they are both Lts, there was also a third Lt. involved, Roche I believe.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it odd that our contract expires in two months and we still don't have a copy of the damned thing? Boy does our union suck!

Anonymous said...

Not that the PBPA is a ball of fire, but the reason we don't have a copy is that the contract was not printed up correctly and the president will not sign it. I don't blame him a bit. As usual it's King Dick's administration that is to blame not PBPA in THIS matter. YOU DONT SIGN A CONTRACT THAT IS NOT ACCURATE.

Anonymous said...

I guess Kirby the man hater isn't so smart after all. Too bad Fat Phil and his IAD rat Kirby can't pay for this screw up instead of the citizens of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

FOP should be at least as strong as the teachers...

The Sgts should join FOP there is strength in numbers. Afterall those that have studied or otherwise been promoted have a leadership quality to obtain what we deserve.

Most of us are just looking for a fair shake. The politics on this job had gotten out of control. There are so many people that believe that they are entitled to advancement because of certain gender or racial lables. That is to bad.

Merit promotions should be for those that made a physical sacrafice not the suck asses.

All and all this job is not bad but the corruption that has occurred over the years of the Daley administration should stop. I am sure that it will remain the same.

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.