Friday, March 30, 2007


Roe Conn of WLS interviewed Phil Cline on Thursday. We wish there was a way to retrieve the audio because a 25th district copper called in and hammered the Supe.
Roe stated to Phil "that officer obviously disagreed with your decision to demote the captain" and Phil answered "I can respect that".
Ask around to anyone who heard it, it was classic.......would love to buy that copper lunch!


Anonymous said...

They cut me off and when I tried to call back several times they wouldn't put me back on the air.

Anonymous said...

You sir are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I sent this to Roe Conn today:

TO: Mr. Roe Conn:
FROM: A Chicago Police Officer
SUBJECT: Pick Your Conspiracy: Blue Wall of Silence or Media Misinformation Frenzy?

It is with tongue in cheek that the format of this letter mimics the CPD To/From report (entertaining myself, I guess). Let me preface the body of this letter by stating that if you have clarified, corrected or reversed your position on the following subject, then disregard.

A few days ago when the 025 Dist. illegal handicapped parking/lot blocking issue was being discussed by yourself and Ron Magers you (rhetorically) asked some important questions. Such as why, at a time of such public/press scrutiny, would a group of officers/supervisors band together and do something guaranteed to garner further negative publicity? You also seemed aghast that real, honest cops would want to go an extra mile for such a jag (my term) as Abate. These were valid probing questions and your sense of incredulity was that little voice of the healthy skeptic telling you all was not as it appeared. I give you much credit for that. It was with frustration that I couldn’t get through on the phone to your show as Mr. Magers was able to further the unsubstantiated premise, stated as a proven assumption on which further discussion was based, that this was a concerted effort by police officers to deny the press access to the accused. I wouldn’t have been ecstatic but could have lived with merely slanting the story but Mr. Magers made the mistake of restating this assumption as a given numerous times. Never was there a caveat that “This smacks of…”, “Could this be…”, “Are we seeing a ….”, so a claim of editorializing is unacceptable.

I am sure by now you have heard and considered the following facts/possibilities:
Writing a (legitimate) ticket or blocking a police-only parking lot denied the press only IF they are doing some sort of new ‘drive-by’ filming from their vans.
The city recently began a program of towing on duty squad cars for parking in handicapped spaces.
The hypocrisy of the media doing exposes on abuse of handicapped parking. I believe one ran on WMAQ during the same newscast featuring the story of their outrage at not being allowed to trample the rights of the handicapped.
The 025 Watch Cmdr. should and was only trying to keep order in his parking lot. A lot where prisoners are brought in for court by county officers, covert vehicles park, undercover officers and confidential informants frequent (no bat cave-like secret tunnel). And bottom line is it IS a police parking only lot and access to the press is a favor given when the Watch Commander chooses to do so.
An exempt rank commander wouldn’t sacrifice his career like this even if he was friends with the accused.
It was the judge that ordered knucklehead to be taken out a different door.
As high profile cases are sometimes handled this way, any reporter worth his salt would have found out where their subject was exiting. It is unfortunate that their usual wiliness deserted all of them at the same time.

Your doubt and sense of disbelief that good Chicago Police Officers would want to protect this F*%*NUT was right. And I would like to think Mr. Magers merely got swept up in the excitement of the moment as his statements were off the cuff and not a written editorial piece. But huge damage was done. This whole situation was, or rather should have remained, just another episode in the ongoing pissing match between press and police (a whole ‘nuther subject). Sometimes we write them, sometimes we give them a play. Choosing to write them in this situation may have been bad timing but that bad timing hardly warrants the irresponsibility and damage of claiming a police conspiracy and using it as a platform for further discussion thus leading listeners to believe it is being reported as unbiased fact. If I have swayed you at all, at least about the method that was used when you discussed this subject on your show, I hope you will address it on your show. I don’t think the damage can be undone-this event has already gelled in the public’s mind forever as a police conspiracy but it would at least prove the character you usually show.

I am aware of your pro-police stance and all the work you have done on behalf of the Gold Star Families and thank you. It is because of those things and your consistent objectivity that I take the time to write. Any lesser a supporter would have me on the blogs calling for a boycott, not composing this long-winded missive. I know you are an acquaintance of Superintendent Cline and had him on your show yesterday. Due to my military experience, I am uncomfortable questioning his decision but as this does not involve a lawful order given on duty, I believe a certain amount of dissent is acceptable. I disagree with his handling of this situation, finding it prematurely reactionary and based on media-supplied suppositions, unproven at the time. It is possible that he had real information that the demoted Watch Commander was actively engaging in press censorship. If that comes to light, then I withdraw my objections. Let it be noted that I am well aware of the constraints he operates under due to political ramifications and believe he normally tries to do what is best for the department as a whole. I certainly wouldn‘t want to be in his shoes! Consider having someone from the rank and file on your show some time, not on the phone but live, in-person to get another perspective.
Chicago Police Officer

Anonymous said...

I heard that interview and Phil had a little hesitation before he answered that P.O.----it was a classic.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any audio link, if it's available?

Damn shame. They should let the cops voice their opinion...

Anonymous said...

How can we get a copy of the tape and get it on the net?

Anonymous said...

Cline should be removed from his office, not the Captain who thought he was doing the right thing to preserve station security.

I worked at 025 for 9 years when it first opened, and the rear parking lot was always a problem. Civilians driving in to make reports, go to court, etc. and finally they had to put a p/o out there to monitor it.

The front lot was no better, not enough space to park, no media area, then they took away several spaces for Handicapped Parking, and we were forbidden to ever park there, even for a minute.

Why should the media be able to violate that zone and not be called on it?

Will Cline reply on the story of the Judge ordering Abbate out the side door to avoid disruption of the court?

I hope that Captain fights back, as he got no backing from the exempt command.

Pis-edoff p/o.

Anonymous said...

Here is is...It is towards the end of Part 2 of the interview

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.