Sunday, April 01, 2007

Things for us to consider

Our readership is way down. At our high point we received over 500 hits in one day and just this Saturday we barely broke 200. We are not going to credit the department with its filtering of sites for this decrease but due our own lack of direction.
We had intended this site to be information based and a platform for sergeants to sound off on issues that concern us. We began by questioning the effectiveness of the PB&PA and if our membership would be better served as part of a larger bargaining unit with P.O.'s.
As of late we have taken to highlighting everyday news stories that effect living in Chicago with a short quip from us. According to some we were just a poor attempt at copying Second City Cop. When we first started out we informed the guys over a SCC that they were our inspiration. We are, in fact, big fans of theirs but we don't feel that we are accomplishing our goal by mirroring subjects that they have posted. There have been a few occasions that we got a post out first but SCC's resources are deep and their sarcasm biting and we just can't compete with that. We aren't ready to pull the plug yet (Second City Dick) but it becomes very taxing to come up with original material day in and day out.
We have decided to refocus our energies and will do our best to be an information resource for sergeants of the Chicago Police Department.
Thanks for your readership.


Anonymous said...

why not just keep the post open and let the blog run itself? Keep a post open and let it run. Just a thought.

Thanks for all the work that's involved.

The View said...

SCS, just a suggestion here. SOME sort of fresh material daily would be nice. SOme of your topics stay up for far too long. And you have to also realize that, this being a blog for SUPERVISORS, you can't (or hopefully, won't) allow things to be posted here that shouldn't even be posted on SCC. I don't want to see derogatory posts here debasing blacks, latinos, women, "just because." As supervisors, we have to be extra careful not to allow any blog represnting us to be "dumbed down" to the level of other blogs, and I applaud the webmasters of SCS of doing a good job of that up to now.
Please maintain your higher standards as to what will and will NOT be posted here. In closing, I truly believe you can turn this blog around, without pandering to the obvious blithering idiots who clog up other blogsites. I will continue to check out SCS daily, and look forward to seeing your renewed efforts to attract more readers, while maintaining your higher standards.

Anonymous said...

I hope this site stays. It has more useful info rather than a never ending bitch fest.

Anonymous said...

You do a good job here. Just remember, you just started this place. Give it time. When blogging, be yourself and it's almost as i you're talking to friends. Blog about what interests you, how you feel about certain topics, hobbies, etc.

Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

SCS I enjoy your blog so keep it going. THANX

Anonymous said...

People just love to read about bad news and scandals. That's why the National Enquirer outcirculates every major newspaper. This is also why SCC is more popular than this site. Keep up the good work-maybe I can throw in some sarcasm once in a while!!!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.