Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is a reprint of a letter that our President wrote to the membership as found on the CPSA website
05 Feb 07
After previously returning our contract for corrections and adjustments, I recently received what was termed the FINAL VERSION along with signature pages for me to sign. Unfortunately, this so called “Final Version” still contained numerous pages with typos and some questionable verbiage. I have expressed my displeasure to the parties responsible for preparing this slipshod document, which required me to again proof read the contract rather than focus on the content. I'm prepared to take additional steps if this situation is not rectified satisfactorily.

While I was not part of the previous negotiating team and was not involved in the prior contract negotiations, as President of the CPSA I am now responsible for accepting and signing this document. I want this contract to accurately reflect the current agreement with the City of Chicago, so that our members have an opportunity to review it and make constructive suggestions for consideration when we negotiate our next contract.

John Pallohusky

On 15 MAR 07 at the general meeting of the CPSA, President John Pallohusky informed the attending members that within two weeks we would finally see a copy of the contract. Well Mr. President it is well over 6 weeks since you spoke those words and we have yet to see a copy. What is hold up?


Anonymous said...

Does it really matter???? It will expire soon anyway!!! We are the Mushroom Sergeants. Just keep feeding us shit.

Anonymous said...

We have a contract????

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