Friday, April 27, 2007


We'll see them in late August but could use them now.

001 HAUSER, Brian A.

001 PRICE, Matthew D.

001 BLOCK, Andrew M

002 DELAO, Edward A.

005 BURRELL, Robert A.

006 FORD, Christi

006 WILSON, Michelle E.

008 DOWLING, Richard P.

009 POPPISH, Michael J.

011 GARDNER, Roderick L.

012 NOVALEZ, Angel L.

013 DE LA TORRE, Miguel

013 URSITTI, Antoinette M.

013 HARAN, Patrick A.

014 WEIGLEIN, Timothy R.

015 STACK, Thomas R.

017 SEDLACEK, Paul M.

019 DONAHUE, Patrick E.

020 KWONG, Norman P.

024 VERGARA, Francisca I.

025 CALLAGHAN, Brian A.

124 BARTOLI, Daniel A.

124 WOOTEN, Yvette M.

124 SEDEVIC, Mark T.

124 NOWACKI, Michael S.

125 DZIAK, Steven E.

145 HUFFMAN, Sharon M.

153 Mc GUIRE Jr., Danny L.

189 CATO, Eric D.

189 SANCHEZ, Alejandro

189 HORTON, Thomas M.

193 WHITMORE, Gregory A.

196 GENTILE, William F.

196 HASAN, Andre A.

216 SALADINO, Michael V.

253 SCHULER, Joseph A.

253 MANNION, Sheamus

606 DICKERSON Jr., Samuel L.

There are 38 names on this list and it is anticipated that an additional 12 from the "D" will be added for a total of 50.

3 months with detective familiarization, hopefully the new Superintendent will eliminate this portion, and 6 weeks of pre-sergeants training. That is 18 weeks and that takes us to appx. 24 AUG 07. CONGRATS!!!


Anonymous said...

How about a post on salaries? Time for FOP and PBPA to do something, we are being seriosuly shortchanged on our salaries,benefits and soon to be pensions. WAKEUP PEOPLE

8 LAPD officers cash in with overtime
They each earned more than $200,000 last year because of a staffing shortage, a city report finds.,1,4819872.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Boston Police take home city's biggest paychecks
Detail work, overtime put 25 over $200,000
1,276 employees, about 41 percent of the force, made $100,000 or more.

Nassau County: Highest Paid Cops in the Nation?
“According to a Newsday study of Nassau police pay, the average compensation paid to nearly 2,800 officers last year reached $101,935.79,” says Newsday Online Wednesday, July 24, 2002-This article is five years old, the 2007 figures are below:
2007 starting base salary for a Police Officer is $57,811. With five (5) years of service, the base salary is $97,958*. These figures do not include paid benefits.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is litigation regarding this test? This is the first class from the new test?

Roc said...

Congrats to all the new sgts. Great Job DeLao!

Anonymous said...

ppo mannion is a hottie, and he will make a fine sgt.


Anonymous said...

Dan McGuire from unit 153, you should be ashamed of yourself. You do not deserve your merit promotion. How do you look at yourself in the mirror everyday knowing that you were handed everything in your law enforcement career and life. From the meg unit with the county(19th ward)to SOS,to hbt(Lt.E.F.B.), to being a sniper on hbt(Lt.E.F.B.)For christ sakes you had to go back to a district for 1 extra period when you came to sos because you were not off probation yet...well i guess you cried long enough and kissed WG'S ass long enough to final get promoted. You my friend are a joke!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know an aprox figure on how many they will make of the new list?

Anonymous said...

does anyone know an aprox figure on how many they will make of the new list?

300 or higher you are on the bubble

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