Friday, April 20, 2007


The Chicago Spire took another step toward becoming a 2,000-foot-high reality Thursday when the Chicago Plan Commission recommended that its current design by famed architect Santiago Calatrava be approved by the city zoning committee.


Anonymous said...

I can remember when it was a "Big Deal" to go to the top of the prudential building in 1961 and it was a whopping 50 stories high. How things have changed since then. THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.......

Anonymous said...

Off the topic SCS, but how about a post on this new sgts class and the delay in starting the new class?? How many sgts were called up?? Thank You

Anonymous said...

huberman uses a scale model as a self pleasuring device

Anonymous said...

Wow,a new skyscaper and 2016 Olympics,Al-Queda's wet dream come true.
CPD is ready,we have Sedgeways and rubber sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

I see Huberman at the top of that Spire!

He is the "GOLDEN BOY"!

Ouch! That point hurts!

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