Monday, April 23, 2007


Daley says no to more 'hiring' investigators Chicago Sun-Times

Two weeks ago, Hoffman brought his New York City counterpart to Chicago to address the mayor’s cabinet in an effort to bolster his case for 10 more investigators.

And today he got an answer. NO!!!!!!

“My reaction is that the city’s ability to terminate federal court supervision of hiring is going to depend on the city persuading the court that it’s put in place procedures, personnel and staffing to adequately police political hiring, firing, promotions and the like,” Shakman said.

Shakman further stated,
“It’s too early to judge how that’s all gonna play out. But, it would certainly be a factor in my reaction to this and certainly something we’d reserve the right to raise with the judge and the monitor if the inspector general felt he was not getting adequate resources to do the job.”

On 31 DEC 08 the city can get out from under the Shakman Decree if it can prove it is in compliance.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that the city will be in compliance? Maybe the Cubs will win the World Series first.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but lets pour all the $$ we don't have in the egolympics. Talk about a catastrophuck.

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