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Anonymous said...

I wonder what un-qualified political hac will replace the out- going sausage?

Crimefile said...

Richard M. Daley will never let anyone other than himself run the CPD. Daley calls the shots and will only appoint a gutless wonder like him that care more about making party hacks happy than fulfilling the oath of office. Superintendent candidates who think that Chicago’s gun ban only serves for the benefit of criminals need not apply.
Phil Cline was Dale’s scapegoat, nothing more.

Schicklegroover said...

Shareholders scratched their heads in puzzlement today as Kraft Foods stock (NYSE: KFT) plummeted to record lows, rose to record highs and then settled back exactly where they started the trading day. Market analysts attribute the unprecedented volatility to KOOL-AID which is owned by Kraft Foods. Inside sources say the stock took a tumble when, inexplicably, millions of pounds of the “Shamrock Green” flavored version of the powder were suddenly dumped on the black market in Chicago. The stock subsequently rose to dizzying heights as massive orders were placed from undisclosed locations in Chicago for a different, but as yet unknown flavor of the thirst-quencher. Flavors being whispered in corporate hallways include; “Pimp-Posse Cherry ‘Rayed’ (Red), “South of the Border Margarita“, “Desk-Dolly Daiquiri” and “Closet Pink”.
Kraft reps state, “We are confident that everything has returned to the status quo. The people who purchase our product in bulk don’t buy it to drink. They buy it to distribute to others and they have made their feelings clear: It doesn’t matter what flavor of KOOL-AID people drink. As long as it IS being consumed.”

Anonymous said...

You Know I have been on longer than the Supe, not counting his Cadet Time, and I will Qualify this by saying I think he has been the BEST Supe I have worked for, "BUT" the PATROL DIVISION "AKA" the BACKBONE OF THIS DEPARTMENT" is TOTALLY DEMORALIZED, Patrol has been depleated to man these new Units, 35th Street full of connected people with under 5 years street experience, P/Os feeling they have no chance for advancement, not just promotion, but specialized Units, "IE" O.C.D, outside Task Forces,ETC, without CLOUT (and rightfully so), Patrol Specialist's (THE most IMPORTANT JOB on this Department) having no INCENTIVE to take the job, JobS being CREATED, to bring back CLOUT BABIES that have retired that reduce our chances of getting "COST OF LIVING RAISES" in the next contract, "CREATED COMMAND POSITIONS That DUPLICATE responsibilities of other Commaners and will depleat our "PENSION' WHEN THEY RETIRE. OK I'm DONE RANTING. In closing REMEMBER where we came FROM take Care Of the troops, Watch out that the BLESSED ONES don't depleat our PENSION with useless positions. See You In D.C.
Not ready to retire YET.

Anonymous said...

Lots of speculation on the next supe. Only one choice I agree with. Chief of Berwin William Kushner(former CPD lt.) this is a smart guy, very qualified.

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Anonymous said...

Your right about creating the extra exempt positions. I think Cline created 22 of them which means a HUGE drain on the pension fund. And for what? To reward his cronies, thats for what.

Anonymous said...

Kushner will never come back to the CPD, unless he returns as a Lt.
there was some question of 1505 funds spent while he was assigned to OCD. That's what got him dumped to a District (and it was all very hush/hush). By retiring, he didn't really have to answer to some of the improprieties taken with those funds. By staying away, he won't have to.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me how a coyote can wander into downtown Chicago UNNOTICED until it wandered into the sandwhich shop?

Where are all of Daleys high tech cameras that are protecting us from a terrorist attack?

Is anyone watching the monitors down at the OEMC or are they planning Hubbermans promotion party?

HAve the citizens become that stupid that they don't know the difference between a coyote and lets say a common house dog?

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Huberman for soup.

Anonymous said...

This is the inside scoop on the coyote. I know for fact what is going on here cuz I'm an inside suckhole assigned to the 5th floor at the hall. Richie tells Huberman to do something about the police scandals because he is afraid that the populous will lose faith in the police. Huberman imports 300 coyotes from Wyoming and he is hiding them at the Animal Control shelter on Western Avenue. Each day, they release a few of them in the Loop just befor sunrise. The public gets panicked about all these "wild" animals roaming the streets of Chicago and pretty soon, they forget all about the "wild" animals roaming the city's bars after the 3rd watch. It's brilliant! Now I know why Huberman rose up the food chain so quickly!

Anonymous said...

The superintendent whoever he/she is, serves at the pleasure of the mayor. To imagine that the superintendent would not be influenced by what the mayor says is delusional.

The mayor sets policy for the city and that's all there is to it. It doesn't matter who sits on the fifth floor, that's the way it is. To blame the superintendent for some of the shit that goes on is ridiculous.

To paraphrase someone who is much smarter than me, the police department is like a big tree of monkeys: The boss monkeys are on the top of the tree where there are fewer branches. They dictate policy and what should go on. Because they're up higher than the other monkeys, they see more than the other monkeys.

The monkeys on the bottom of the tree don't know what's being said or heard up on top, all they know is that when they look up, all they can see of the boss monkeys is assholes...and they shit all over them.

This is true everywhere in any organization.

Anonymous said...

kushner used the money for training video or something without permission, no scandal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As a very high-ranking officer in a major out-of-state police agency, I find the CPD dilemma particularly disturbing. Well-informed police executives throughout the nation are aware of the fully politicized administration of the Chicago P.D.

It is common knowledge among IACP and PERF membership that any "nationwide search" for a successor to Philip Cline is at best, disingenuous, certainly under your current mayor.

Chief Cline's successor will be chosen from within the ranks of the Chicago P.D.

The selection board will be clandestinely directed to include your mayor's predetermined favorite among the finalists.

Your mayor will retain absolute control over the CPD through his selection.

Tragically, the essential prerequisite is that Mayor Daley's choice must be willing to blindly compromise any ethical principles and defer to Daley's every whim as his loyal puppet.

Heavy-handed, politically corrupt interference anathematizes the credibility, integrity and morale of a professional law enforcement agency.

Do not expect any eminently qualified out-of-town applicants.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:40, take your inuendos, questions, and your hush-hush bullshit and take a ride to Berwyn and tell him to his face before putting shit like that on a public blog. Then go home and get your shine box and start working on some of those exempt boots that you like to lick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OK Kushner, I will. But you'll NEVER wear a gold star on this Dept. And you know why, every day, while you sit in your tiny office in that shitbag Berwyn PD building. Stop throwing your name out there for something that will ONLY happen when you close your eyes in bed...pleasant dreams.

Anonymous said...

The ones who have to answer the questions about 1505 are Cline, Grau, Rsley and Huberman. Kush told them they were spending the money "in a manner inconsistent with the laws", and they sent back notes to "just do what you're told". Wouldn;t be surprised if Kush still has the original paper on that.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK to all that apply for the top job. As we all know, applicants who are no longer on the job HERE, or are from other Depts. are simply wasting their time. This includes those who refuse to sell their souls to King Ritchie!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.