Saturday, April 21, 2007

OUR 200th POST

Dedicated to fallen Police Officers and Gold Star Families


Anonymous said...

SCS: New Topic:


YES, ONCE AGAIN either Finance or the Comptrollers Office has screwed up the checks. Every Special Employment check has been shorted drastically. Is this shit getting old or what????
Every Sergeant who worked Special Employment in March got screwed.

The FOP and PBPA can not do anything about it as of this time. I suggest that in the next contract it should be agreed upon if you do not receive a paycheck (or it’s short) the Finance Division has 7 days to fix it. If not, compounded interest should start piling up.


Many have stated that if they do not receive the thousands of dollars that some are owed in the next few days; they will be going either I.O.D. or on the medical.

Do some think this is wrong??
You’re not a ‘team player’ if you do this??
You took this job not because of the money??
BULLSHIT!!! The Non-Softballs took this job to put food on the table!!

I can see if the city drops the ball once, twice, even 3 times because of this new “C.H.I.P.S.” payroll system. However this is about the 10th time it has happened. It is NO LONGER A NEW PAYROLL SYSTEM. The media has exposed this already.

HELLO Desk Sergeant??

Anonymous said...

Well done~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Anybody know for sure what happened to the money and how the City is going to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Finance points the finger at patrol for not giving them the numbers. Patrol says they gave them the numbers and points their finger at finance for screwing it up. Bottom line is---no one knows when the money will be issued. Do we have a union that can step in or do our dues only pay for a golf outing and corned beef and cabbage once a year?

Anonymous said...

Hello--anyone---this post is for the video we just watched---not to hear complaints----This video makes me proud to be a member---thankyou

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.