Wednesday, April 04, 2007

John Tucker

08 October 1968 Officer John Tucker was preparing to leave his house, to run errands. As he walked toward the door, his young daughter asked him “daddy can I go with you” and he told her, “I wish I could take you, but not today honey”. Officer Tucker’s daughter was ten years old, but still remembers that conversation; because those were the last words her father ever spoke to her.Later that day, Officer Tucker walked into the Standard Bank, and into an armed robbery in progress. Officer Tucker intervened in the robbery, and was shot six times and killed by Clemmie Johnson. Officer's responded to the scene, and were forced to shoot Johnson, he survived. Johnson was convicted of armed robbery, and murder, and sentenced to two 199 year terms. Clemmie Johnson was paroled in December of 2006, as a “mercy release”. Officer Tuckers Family was devastated by the news of this release. How could this happen? They were told that the murderer would never breathe free air again, but this was a lie. Johnson served only 37 years of his 398 years, and now is a free man. Superintendent Cline was made aware of this travesty, and informed the family that a task force would be assembled to make sure this would not be repeated. So far, the family has not heard back from Phil Cline. In the aftermath of her husband’s murder, Mrs. Tucker, fell in love with another Chicago Police Officer, and they married. They had a son, who is now a Chicago Police Officer. Growing up in a south side neighborhood, their son had many friends. His best friend still to this day, is also a Chicago Police Officer. His friend’s father was one of the Officers who responded to the murder scene of Officer John Tucker, and shot the offender. Officer Tucker’s picture hangs on the wall in the 004th District, and the caption reads GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. The parole board did forget, they forget about the vicious crime, and the suffering it caused the family of the hero John Tucker. They forgot about the men and women of the Chicago Police Department who lost a brother that day. They forgot about the citizens of Chicago who lost a Champion for good that day. They did forget, but we will never forget. John Tucker your legacy lives and breathes in the hearts and minds of those who loved you, and by all member’s of the Chicago Police Department. Watch over us Brother, and we will pray for you.

This was sent to us by one of our readers


Anonymous said...

I was at the scene that day, some time after the incident and assigned to A2TF. Growing up in 004, I knew John to see him working 79th st. Back then our Unit worked 3 & 7 exclusively. When we arrived, it was a sea of blue/white on Ashland. I went to a lot of CPD wakes back then and there were a lot of bad times, but I always had good partners. May Johnson suffer the eternal fires of HELL. God bless John Tucker.

leomemorial said...

It's not how they died, but how they lived.

Thank you for posting that...

Anonymous said...

Now this is a worthy post. Im tired of all of the negative press lately, this story should be looked at by Carol Marin. However, we know there is no chance of that because it is not dirty enough for media types like her and others.

Who are the PO's the posting mentions?


Since the post was sent to us anonymously we have no idea who the PO's are.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show the Police should keep shooting at the crime scene until the offender is DEAD!

This piece of shit should have NEVER lived after that event if it meant taking him in an alley and shoot him like the dog he was!

I know I would have done that!

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