Monday, April 23, 2007


Police torture probe was a sham: groups
BURGE CASE | 'Riddled with omissions, half-truths'

That's the conclusion legal and nonprofit groups make -- in a report to be released Tuesday -- about a special prosecutor's probe of alleged police torture under former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

The report -- by a coalition that includes Northwestern University's Center On Wrongful Convictions, Amnesty International and lawyers representing the alleged torture victims in civil suits against the city

Without even reading this report you know where it is heading. Considering who is producing it.
"The record strongly suggests that the Special Prosecutors' investigation and resultant report, which cost the taxpayers of Cook County $7 million, were driven, at least in part, by pro-law-enforcement bias and conflict of interest, were riddled with omissions, inconsistencies, half-truths and misrepresentations, and reflect shoddy investigation and questionable prosecutorial tactics and strategies," the report concludes.

It is almost laughable that this group has the audacity to accuse anyone of a bias!


Anonymous said...

Those groups have to criticize any report that doesn't call Jon Burge Adolph Hitler. If they don't, they would be out of a job.

pathickey said...

Another twenty minutes has past and G. Flint Tatlor, as timely as ever, has dropped another 'POLICE TORTURE!' eggshell!

The Tribune reported promptly at noon 4/24/'07 - that twenty (20) activists made their demands known at the Daley Center for 975 time in recent days!

G. Flint - Taylor made for a media snowjob!

Anonymous said...

What is with this? Was Weems made a sergeant?

pathickey said...

It's a Radical lawyer daisey-chain connected by radical activists in the media and waxed by the many lazy journalists who paint with a broad brush, as opposed to real work, with two things in mind:

1. Undermine all confidence in Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice system.

2. Cash in a Taylor-made Lotto ticket

Locke Bowman and his heavily funded MacArthur Center for Justice ( handed it's Ivy League posterior lobes by Sheriff Sheahan BTW)and G. Flint Taylor's Peoples Law Office ( with none other than academic fraud Ward Churchill teaching the U of C kiddies from the suburbs how to frame clever rhetoric at Harper Hall on Thursday nights) will always have great face time from their pals at Medill and beyond.

They had twenty (20) count 'em twenty 'concerned human beings' doing the howl at Daley Center and the dopes in the media got wet britches over this 'eggshell' of a story.

It keeps the wool-hat, soul patch Starbucks junkies in good Reader re-writes.

Burge will be fossil fuel before G. Flint cashes his dog-eared Lotto ticket. This Dog won't hunt - so it's important to keep the media in his wallet right next to that dog-eared cardboard.

G.Flint gets almost as much face-time as Oprah!

Anonymous said...

Police Board verdicts all about connections
In response to Demetrius Carney, president of the Chicago Police Board (Letters, Feb. 4), the public should be afraid. As a former Chicago police officer, I can safely say that Carney is trying to justify the existence of the board.
Every member of the board is handpicked by Mayor Daley. These people who judge the police are not elected by the general public, and thus feel compelled to bow to political pressure in certain cases.
The board has no criteria in rendering its verdicts. One police officer can be fired for domestic battery, yet four others can be returned to work. One officer can be fired for a "sustained" charge of brutality against a civilian, yet others are put back on the street after the same offense.
Certain police officers are dismissed for unlawfully discharging their weapon, yet others go back to work after serving minimal punishment. Certain officers are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and fired, yet others still are working after Carney and his board members have, as he put it, "painstakingly reviewed hearing transcripts" and "considered the conclusion of an experienced hearing officer."
Ha! I have to laugh.
If Carney differs with me, then ask him and the Chicago Police Department to publish or post on the Internet all the verdicts they have rendered in the last five years, and the actions that were involved by the accused officer. They hide behind the Freedom of Information Act, saying the public can get this information at any time. Anyone who tries will be stonewalled by an unbearable process of delays and excuses and in all likelihood will give up. If they persist, they would find that the Police Board put officers back on the street who have been found culpable of brutalities against civilians, unlawful use of their weapons against civilians, driving under the influence, drug-test failures, spousal abuse and sexual misconduct. There are enough cases to write a book.
All of these officers have one thing in common: They are politically connected to Daley or the man who truly runs the Chicago Police Department, (First Deputy Police Supt.) John Townsend. The public should not worry, though. Some officers who have retired or left the job are contemplating writing a book modeled after Pros and Cons, written about the NFL football players and how the league has tried to cover for some of its players' gross indiscretions.
When these real police cases are published with real names and facts, the public will see that the Police Board is neither impartial, fair nor honest. Carney should be honest, or have the facts make him honest. It's his choice. John O'Brien, Jefferson Park The Miriam Maxim

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.