Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We have been hearing grumblings about how different units have accommodated or denied your "time due" request.
Share your units policy with the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Time due in 004 is usually avaliable thanks to some decent W.C'S, with all that goes on in that district, it is amazing there is any time allowed at all. You gotta thank the bosses for that, I hear it's not like that in 006. A minimum of four Sgt's must be working. Why would anyone want to stay there if you cant get off when you need to.

Anonymous said...

But found this interesting regarding Daley's speech at the recruit's graduation:

"Daley made it clear he was less than satisfied with Cline’s record of putting technology to work for the cop on the beat. He cited as one example the need to put cameras in squad cars to protect citizens and insulate officers from unfounded complaints. Cline is in the process of installing cameras, but more slowly than Daley would like.

“All of us would be the first to admit that management has not done enough,” he said.

How bout giving us some working PDT's

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have four sergeants on our watch that play well together and a watch commander who is not a micro-manager. It wasn't that way my first eight years as a sergeant. All you need is one wild card in the mix to screw things up.

Anonymous said...

I also heard it was a bitch to get time on the weekend in 006. If they don't have three on the street and a desk sergeant its a denial.....
Just remember no one asked if you wanted to work on Christmas or New Years or Thanksgiving.....I'm sure if only two were on the street no one would complain.

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