Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In the Tribune there is a story about students protesting the arrest of two battery offenders who themselves were protesting the CIA's recruitment on campus. The two thugs happen to be members of the universities Socialist club.
"Anytime students try to stand up against something wrong and unjust you're always going to face some repression,"

Wouldn't the CIA be the last people they would want to piss off? That is if you believe the bullshit that left wing academia pushes on young impressionable minds.
You bust your ass to save money in order to put your child through college. You do this because a degree is a minimum requirement in any career field that your child embarks on. We do it because we want whats best for our children.
What are our children learning in those hallowed halls? Most people would be shocked by the anti-American, anti-Western and anti-Christian attitudes that are pervasive on American college campuses. Your hard earned money is spent teaching our children how to hate everything we value as a culture.
"For me, it's been really disappointing," said Molly McClure, a member of the university's Students Against War organization. "We were doing free expression. These are the things we learned about in our classes."

A college campus is suppose to be a place where the student learns about all types of cultures and ideas but not to have a leftist viewpoint constantly forced upon them. As a result of this one sided teaching, organizations like Students for Academic Freedom have sprung up challenging the left. Take a look at their site and maybe have your future scholar take a peek as well.
Good luck with your son or daughters future education and keep an eye on what they are learning because its your money and our future.


Anonymous said...

You really have to love the entire world of academia.
Professors that have never left a campus enviornment and are the primary source of information @ the world for young people.
The faculty needs to experience the REAL world.

People like that should not be given sharp object, like pencils.
They should also not be let out alone after the street lights come on.

This is indicative of the way things are........
Book smart but not street smart.

That would make our job so much easier.

No wonder you need college to get on the job now.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. . . those of us with advanced degrees who lean to the right need to start teaching. Granted our police schedule would prohibit us from becoming full-time professors, but there is no reason we couldn't teach one college level course per semester.

Actually, the junior college level is the perfect place to start molding young minds, as the early college years are formative ones as far as political ideology goes.

So my challenge to others sick of this left-wing crap is to bring your wealth of reality based knowledge into the classroom.

Anonymous said...

lets do a recreation of KENT STATE

I'll lead the charge. Sure some people will cry a little but those sympathateic will be killed after they reveal themselves.
any questions????? No

ok lets get started

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.