Friday, July 06, 2007

City Looks To Outsource Hiring Duties

Chicago's City Hall plans to outsource some hiring duties following a federal trial in which former city employees were convicted of corrupting the employment process, according to a published report.
A CBS2 story is reporting that the city recently asked companies to submit their qualifications to take over part of the city's hiring duties.
The selected firm or firms will

"administer examinations in an environment that will ensure the proper administration and the integrity of the exam process,"

So we must assume that the city is admitting that tests in the past were not administered properly and vacant of integrity.

Attorney Michael Shakman's lawsuit against the city served as the catalyst for the deal. Shakman told the Tribune that he was not aware of the outsourcing plan but said it appears to involve a private firm taking over many of the city's personnel duties.

"We'd like to understand the reasons for this approach," Shakman said.

Shakman seems to be a bit pessimistic. Many questions will need to answered regarding this one.
What departments will be effected?
Will the hiring firm only be administering hiring tests or promotional tests as well?
As far as the firm chosen to "administer examinations in an environment that will ensure the proper administration and the integrity of the exam process," we wonder if they will be selected with the same standards.


Anonymous said...

Outsourcing,outside testing companies are nothing more than s smoke screen.These guys all know each other and its just another sham to appease the lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Most promotional exams in recent years have been outsourced. Look at the problems we've had with them.

Outsourcing is the 21st Century form of patronage.

Anonymous said...

Good Idea. Let's give millions (probably billions) of dollars to some connected company that will be an L.L.C. of some crooked polititian's family to set up and monitor a sham corperation that has to do the bidding of the political hacks that concieved the idea and run the city. Yep, I think they got it......

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks these "independant" testing companies are legit needs a brain enema.Its a form of white collar crime.

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