Saturday, July 14, 2007


Second City Cop as you probably know is running a story about an off-duty Chicago Police Office who is being sentenced to 5 years in prison for defending himself. Read the story at ABS7 and become as outraged as I am. My outrage is directed at a judge (bench trial) who advocates "turning the other cheek", a prosecutor who didn't feel the officers response was "warranted" and most of all at a police officer/officers that felt the need to arrest Mike Mette.
According to SCC this will be the subject of a Sunday John Kass article. I really don't expect to any hear any kind of a comment out of 35th street. I know we'll get the usual "where is FOP on this one" but the question asked should be where are we?.......There are plenty of people you, the rank and file, should be contacting........
The FOP Grand Lodge
Iowa, Governor Culver's Office
Dubuque Police Chief, Kim Wadding
Dubuque County Attorney's Office (563) 589-4470
Our real hope here is that Mike is able to successfully appeal this outrageous verdict and that justice will prevail.

UPDATE:Excellent piece by John Kass


Anonymous said...

I e-mailed the Gov. I won't set foot in Iowa until this is cleared up. My daughter has just crossed Iowa State off her list too!

Anonymous said...

Heard from relatives in New Jersey, the media paints Chicago cops as a bunch of thugs. A radio station out east says if confronted by an off-duty cop from Chicago, "hit him first"

Crimefile said...

Hitler had judges too...

Anonymous said...

In the 32 yeras I spent on the job and the 7 years that I've been retired I can never recall an incident such as this or anywhere near it. This kid that got wacked by the Off Duty Cop has to be wired in some way . The Judge must owe someone a favor and the ASA's must be a bunch of wimp's that are following someone's lead . The Cops from Iowa that made the arrest must have been told to by higher ups . This shit just don't add up . There is something wrong with this picture and I think the US Dept. of Justice should look into this one .I can only hope and pray that this conviction is over turned and he gets his job back. I think it's time for Silly & Phatty to chime in on this one.

Liz said...

Wow, that's nuts.. his career and a good portion of his life ruined by one stupid incident. You would think someone would have woken up to how ridiculous this thing was before the whole trial and conviction happened.

snethen said...

The sergeants need to back this kid up. Something wrong here.

Chris P said...

The Iowa Governor does not have voice mail, but his office does have a fax: 515-281-6611. If you don't have a fax machine handy, you can send up to three pages for free using FaxZero.

Fax over the weekend, call on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when the hell they going to make a new sgt's class. I need to get off midnights!!

The View said...

I have e-mailed the Governor of Iowa. Hopefully, if enough of us forward our e-mails and faxes, he will take a look at this travesty and correct it. I am also prepared to dig deep for a fundraiser for young officer Mette.
Hopefully, the FOP will ante up and put together a HUGE fund raiser, and quickly. He will need every dollar we can provide him for his appeal, which must be done within 120 days. FOP, get moving!
Hopefully, we'll see some gold badges get involved in the "Save Mette" movement also. We cannot stand idly by and allow this young man to spend any amount of time in an Iowa prison without a good fight. I'm ready to help him...WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU?

Anonymous said...

To 11:57am..."Get off midnights??" HAAAAAA,HAAAAAAA...that's a good could be a comedian....hope you like midnights for at least another year or get promoted....HAAAAAAA.....HAAAAAA..."I need to get off midnights"...stop it...Haaaaaa,'re killing me....

NorthSide said...



A defense fund has been established for Officer Michael Mette. I urge YOU to generously contribute to assist in appealing this outrage.

Make your check payable to the "MICHAEL METTE DEFENSE FUND" and mail to:

Michael Mette Defense Fund
Northwest Community Credit Union
7400 N. Waukegan Road
Chicago, IL 60714

Thanks for the back-up, guys.
Great job, Sarge!

NorthSide said...


On my previous post, the address is herein corrected from "Chicago" to:

NILES, IL 60714

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.