Friday, July 27, 2007

Jon Loevy Makes Me Sick

Since I have had the displeasure of being deposed at this man's "edgy" loft styled law office I get nauseous every time I see his hideous face on t.v.
Jon Loevy is one of the most well to do ambulance chasers in the city. All he needs is some "citizen" to go into his office and claim he was beaten by the police and Jon sees $$$$. Go to the Loevy website and see for yourself what these "guardians" of the down trodden think of you the police.
In today's Tribune another lawsuit was announced by Loevy.
I'm sure this suit will the talk of the blogs but I for one am getting tired of the piling on.
"The only reason they thought they could get away with that is because in this city the system for disciplining and investigating an abuse [by police] is broken and dysfunctional," Jon Loevy

One day a member of the "down trodden" is going to have a pistol pressed up against Jon Loevy's pretentious little head demanding every penny he has and while he is pissing his pants he will be begging for two things; his life and a cop.
Oh well we can always dream.


Anonymous said...

Jon Loevy and Andy Dick are the same person.

pathickey said...

I never met the Andy Dick look-a-like, Sarge, but I detest the twerp's actions and agenda. I'll do all I can to ridicule Loevy's actions and agenda against Law Enforcement and the taxpayers he leeches.

Anonymous said...

your right, the lovey&lovey law office will take any frivilous law suit, and file it. for them it is a win win situation. They charge the city huge fees on every case. exampl: the case may settle for $20,000 but the tack on an additional $100,000 in legal fees. This is thier scam, they fee the city to death. and this is one of the main reasons the city likes to settle cases fat, it limits the time the plantiffs attorneys have to pile on fees.

Ive been sued by them for doing everything right.
It is true sometimes when you do everything right, you can still get sued

Anonymous said...

Right on, guess we were born on the wrong side of the law, the uniformed side.

An the New version of OPS will change very little of this perception, other than more officers getting more frequent time taken away. Anytime an enity is appointed the loyalty goes to the one who appointed, Da Mayors glister ideal of the glimmering perfect city in a perfect town. Clink, Clank, Cha Ching add up the tolling. Ambulance Chasers riding high thru town, tag your the bounty now.

Anonymous said...

That Loevy is one ugly motherf*cker. The reason is he takes all these lawsuits is the city always settles.

Some officers feel that it is better to fight the case at trial but in reality it costs so much more money to litigate the case and P.O.'s run the risk of having the ungrateful public of Illinois decide their fate. Be happy that the Corp. Counsel settles these cases even though you did not commit any misconduct.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the nex time one of our fine citizens is getting robbed or raped that they call out for Jon Loevy (help Jon Loevvvy help!, not help poleeses help) maybe He'll run up and save them.

JTJF said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should clean up your own back yard then.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.