Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our congratulations (belated) to our new sergeants. Hurry up we need you.

013 URSITTI, Antoinette M.

124/021 WEST, Laura A.

193 BLANKS, Kelvin M.

196 HARRIS, Alonzo D.

606 / 640 FLAHERTY, Thomas G.

610/008 SEDEVIC, Mark T.

610 CHUDZIK, Walter T.

610 / 606 DICKERSON Jr., Samuel L

610/001 HAUSER, Brian A

610/ 196 HASAN, Andre' A.

610 /002 DELAO, Edward A.

610 / 145 HUFFMAN, Sharon M.

610 ELKINS, Eric J.

610 / 001 PRICE, Matthew D.

620 OSIKA, Thomas J.

620/189 HORTON, Thomas M.

620 / 009 POPPISH, Michael J

620/ 153 Mc GUIRE Jr., Danny L.

620 / 006 WILSON, Michelle E.

620 / 008 DOWLING, Richard P.

620 / 005 BURRELL, Robert A.

620 ULLEWEIT, Frederick C.

620/189 CATO, Eric D.

620 / 006 FORD, Christi

630/ 193 WHITMORE, Gregory A.

630/017 SEDLACEK, Paul M.

630/001 BLOCK, Andrew M.

630 / 025 CALLAGHAN, Brian A.

630/013 HARAN, Patrick A.

630 / 020 KWONG, Norman P.

630 DANIEL, Heather L.

640 / 253 SCHULER, Joseph

640/012 NOVALEZ, Angel L.

640/ 011 GARDNER, Roderick L.

640/189 SANCHEZ, Alejandro

640/377 DZIAK, Steven E.

640 LAURICH, Marlene A.

640/014 WEIGLEIN, Timothy R.

640/013 DE LA TORRE, Miguel

640 / 024 VERGARA, Francisca I.

650 VIVERlTO. Vincent P.

650/015 STACK, Thomas P.

650 / 025 BARTOLI, Daniel A.

650/019 DONAHUE, Patrick E.

650 / 020 NOWACKl, Michael S.

650 / 001 SALADINO, Michael V.

650 / 253 MANNION, Sheamus

650 / 020 GENTILE. William F.

Monday was their first day at the academy. Anyone have a date of graduation?


Anonymous said...

How bout we give em some advice we all learned along the way.

Keep the W/C informed on events you may feel are small. The small things tend to get bigger.

Don't take short cuts, it'll bite you in the butt everytime.

TREAT YOUR MEN AND WOMEN WELL. Help them when you can and thank them for their efforts. When an officer(s)made a good arrest, take the time to ask for a package and write that honorable mention. If they don't get it, at least you tried. Just writing it tells them you appreciate their hard work and efforts.

LEARN TO COUNT TO TEN and don't admonish people on the air. In many instances, you'll get pissed off hearing how a job is being handled. Take the time to go to the scene, and observe what is happening before you spout your opinions and start giving orders. Still, when you see the need, grow some and take charge. If you arrive on the scene with your men and women at the same time, you go in first. Some of your guys and gals need help, still other officers are incredible and can be an asset in handling a job. These officers have years of experience and are appreciated by good supervisors. They are your go to people, give em a break when you can and TELL THEM you appreciate them. Don't micro-mangage. Many of your officers missed being in your spot by only a point or two.

Just because you've been promoted, sorry funny face, you still don't know it all. But take the time to study and keep up on the changes in the orders. Ask a fellow sgt. for advice or help when you need it. No one knows it all, cept Seiser.

Pursuits-calling it off and locking up an officer are two of the worst things we have to do on this job. But the time may come when you'll have to do it. These are tough calls,but it comes with the job.

Good luck and thanks for adding to my seniority.

screw the new guys ????? said...


Some Givebacks for Future Promotees under Deal


“The Captains Endowment Association July 26 reached a tentative 101-month contract that will provide members with 37-percent salary increases, partly financed by extending tours AND REDUCING annuity benefits for NEW promotees.”

The Captain’s Union in New York just settled a new contract. ONCE AGAIN as many police and fire unions around the country are doing is “bending over” to allow a “two-tier” system in benefits and wages that basically screws the new guy.

I hope that our bargaining units don’t cave in to the same practices. If this practice continues we will see that working as a police officer 20 or 30 years from now will be as shitty as it was in the 1890’s. We have to just stop thinking of our selves and think of the future generation of police officers, possibly our own sons or daughters.

(Check out Greg Bella’s column in last years FOP bulletin from June 2006 at:

www.chicagofop.org/Newsletter/2006/062006news.pdf )

Anonymous said...

the old timers didn't abuse the medical , always ask to leave early and put in for overtime if they worked 15 or 20 minutes over their tour or missed lunch
12 days medical for all new po's
5day work week new po's can have mon tue tue wed etc i'll take sat sun with 20yrs on

Anonymous said...

As of July 31,2007- 120 days have elapsed since Superintendent Cline's resignation.

Anonymous said...

30 AUG - Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...

Pray to GOD you dont have heather Daniel for anything. Nice lady but knows nothing about being the police

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all new sgts. You will be fine leaders of men and women. Tom Flaherty will be great. Excellent copper, outstanding detective, great guy.

ASA Gang Crimes

Anonymous said...

More juice babies being taken care of.Its all legit folks,LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
More juice babies being taken care of.Its all legit folks,LOL!!!

Wed Aug 01, 12:55:00 PM

The current system of "30% meritorious" for promotion to the rank of sergeant is one of the greatest contributors to the demoralization of the rank and file. You may not like the test system that is in place however there are plenty of people who studier their asses off and placed well enough to be promoted. Your broad sweeping generalization that everyone is a juice baby is getting tiresome and boring. Be original and offer some meaningful criticism of the system.
My advise to you is either study harder or kiss ass better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wed Aug 01, 03:03:00 PM

The current meritorious promotion process is wrong and we all know it. Sad to say, it will always be here. Every unit and/or district has its scholarship people, as well as every rank. I studied and made sgt. on my own and don't owe anyone. I can also sleep at night knowing I'm not taking someone's spot. Study.

But if you don't get your promotion, there is no excuse not to be using the city's money to get an education. For tuition remimbursement, everyone is eligible. The city paid for my undergraduate work as well as my graduate. Tuition reimbursement is the great equalizer, use it.

Anonymous said...

Only 30% merit my ass,this is Chi-town,the center of the universe in corruption.I would have a hard time believing 70% merit/30% legit.
Everybody wants to say they made it legit(chinaman).
The test is a fraud like everything else in Cook County.
70% legit,kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Tim Wieglen (014) and Tom Stack (015) will make grear Supvs. Both are good guys, smart and good police officers. Good luck Tim and Tom.

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