Monday, July 09, 2007

Down to 3

Two senior Chicago Police Department officials and a former New York City commander emerged Monday as finalists to become Chicago's next police superintendent.

After conducting a two-month search and taking nearly 50 applications for the job, the Chicago Police Board submitted the names of Hiram Grau, Charles Williams and Thomas Belfiore for Mayor Richard Daley's consideration........Tribune

Does anyone believe Belifiore has a snowball's chance in hell. In essence we are down to two and and the politics of race will ultimately eliminate that down to 1.
I am not trying to be racist nor am I trying to make race the issue but lets be adult about this. The reality of politics makes Charles Williams the obvious choice. Belifiore is not only white but he is an outsider and therefore destined for failure. Hirum Grau and Charles Williams are both "minorities" but Williams is in the running at the right time. There are no blacks that are heads of any major department in the city and Daley will make his decision based on that.
God help us all...........the upside is he is out of patrol.


Anonymous said...

Since he has been in patrol, he has been a little goofy. However, before that, I thought him to be a real thinker. I hope what I saw earlier in his career comes out as the supe, cause I think he's the one. But I've been around long enough to know that people change with a gold star. The glass is half full, the glass is half full...

Anonymous said...

hope for Grau,
Race has nothing to do with this, charlie williams is a liar and is a walking violation of general orders. Remember the general order that said in order to be promoted you had to a degree by a certain time. He does'nt even have an under grad degree!

Anonymous said...

God help the rest of the department if Charlie "The Tuna" gets it. He has already fucked up the patrol division (sorry, "Bureau of Patrol") beyond all recognition. Detectives will be doing seatbelt missions, narcotics will be doing foot patrol, dogs will be sleeping with cats, real end of the world stuff.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the job will go wrong with either Grau or Williams as the Supt. I can see Grau getting the Supt. position, with Williams getting the money for the job he's been doing the past 2 years anyway, ever since they stripped and locked away Starks's balls. And let's face it, who better to crack the departmental "whip" when it has to be, than Charlie Williams? By his own admission, he has either fired or caused to be incarcerated "dozens" of officers in his celebrated career in IAD.
If one is placed in a position to swing the hatchet, one should swing it well. Nobody does it better.....

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