Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The other day, while perusing SCC, I noticed a comment stating that 4 members of the FOP Board, Greg Bella, Sid Davis, Bill Dougherty and Tim Fallon, were stripped for not qualifying with their duty weapon. My first reaction was "bullshit". However, the way this administration has attempted to circumvent established contractual agreements it wouldn't be out of the question. But then I came to a logical conclusion that they couldn't be that stupid. Was I being naive? No, there is a process for those who fail to qualify. The CR process, any nitwit with more than a year would know that.
Well it appears that the boys from FOP took a stand. They refused to obey a direct order to qualify and thus the department took action to strip them.


On 15 August 2008, at 1715 hours, the Department stripped Greg Bella, Sid Davis, Bill Dougherty and Tim Fallon. This unprecedented action was taken by the Department because these union officers refused to comply with a Department order to qualify with their firearms. Why would we take this stance?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 17.2 Leave from Duty, states in part, “In addition to the Lodge President, six (6) officers covered by this Agreement shall, upon written request, be granted leave from their duties from the employer for the purpose of performing full time duties for the Lodge.”

We are on leave from the Department and working for the Union representing all officers below the rank of sergeant. We are not paid by the City; we are paid by the membership. We do have bosses, the 11,600 men and women who are members of this Union. This is to whom we answer, not to Weis, Brust, Kirby or Skahill. Not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow.

We have filed a grievance over this issue and the arbitration is set for a hearing on 29 August 2008 before Arbitrator Benn. So why, after an arbitrator has been picked and an arbitration date set, would the Department take action to strip the officers of this Union? Would not sensible people have waited until the arbitrator rules and then take the action ordered by the arbitrator?

This is a direct attack on our Union; can the Department order us not to represent a member? Can the Department order us not to enforce the contract? The answer is NO! At this time we have filed an injunction against the City over this matter and we will only respond to the ruling of an arbitrator or the courts.

What effect will this have on contract negotiations? What impact will this have on programs the Department is trying to roll out and they need consent of this Union? We think the answer is obvious to everyone except those in charge.

Good luck boys! The exempts that signed off on this need to be launched.


Anonymous said...

Could this be a staged move by the city and the FOP to renew confidence in the FOP?

Anonymous said...

I understand that they have a certain status because of their union duties, but if they carry a Chicago Police star and wear a weapon, they should comply with an order to qualify.

If they wanted to take a "stand", how about taking a stand that would help one of their members in trouble????

Anonymous said...

Waist of money and shows how out of touch they are. I don't agree with anything the City does, but this is the wrong fight. They have been telling everyone in the deprtment for months that if they haven't qualified, they will be stripped and decertified. It has happened to two Detectives and a few officers that I know of, probably more.

2nd: They want to use the "Leave of absence from the Department" excuse. Turn in your star, ID, and get rid of your handguns because you can not register them in the city yet (even though unconstitutional.) Find someone other than Deputy Huberman and our illustrious Pols who still claim to be the police who can still carry a firearm? (not right for them, not right for the FOP if they are claiming "on leave as justification")

3.If your going to use the federal carry legislation, fine. You still have to qualify every year.

4. No longer the police, no longer have power of arrest.

6. How can the FOP, who claims to represent the police officer because they are police officers, file suit to say they are not bound by the very rules they are trying to protect. More of this elitist bullshit just like the pols in this city, county, and state. The rules don't apply to me. Shows you why they are such bad negotiators. They don't care because it doesn't effect THEM. They have finally shown their true colors.

It's Not All Real said...

If this was such an important stand, why did Mark Donahue and Frank DiMaria fail to partake in it? They both qualified.

And what is the problem with shooting a proficiency test anyway? I know for a fact that all four of them could pass without any problem. Why fight this fight? This isn't real.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow they sure miunt a defense when it comes to themselves. why wasn't such a response demonstrated after the BIS fiasco.

Too Many Dummies said...

Personally, if you're going to carry, go qualify.

Anonymous said...

I never noticed Davis carrying a weapon when he responded to the last few police shootings.

Anonymous said...


Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.