Friday, December 22, 2006


A 13 year old and a 14 year old were arrested Thursday for a series of armed robberies in the University of Chicago area. The two "misguided youths" would approach their victims and display a replica handgun then demand money and cell phones.
As reported in the Tribune

Officers from the Chicago Police Department and the University of Chicago working a special covert mission Thursday night spotted the 13-year-old in the Midway Plaisance, a stretch of park near the university grounds.

The boy fit the description of a suspect in recent robberies in the park, and officers found he was carrying a knife and a replica handgun, according to a Chicago police news release.

The best way to describe the University of Chicago is one square mile inhabited by the socially naive surrounded by stark reality. These little shits have learned at a young age how to spot a good victim (dumb whites). I am not trying to make this a race issue (stupidity vs opportunity) but I'm sure Mary Mitchell will find just the right angle to make it so.
I wonder how successful these "little angels" would have been had they plied their craft south of 59th St/ north of 51st St.


Anonymous said...

Guess I'm not getting a PBPA date book this year for my $600 dues. What am I getting?

Anonymous said...

Mary the Cunt Mitchell will be sucking it up for these two poor little innocent childrens.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you it is almost a DAILY ocurance that one of these University intellectuals gets pistol whipped/punched and robbed.
Then they get back to their place and find it burglarized.
No matter how many of em you lock up, there will always be more. The students have nice stuff and the neighborhood is a demilitarized zone. Do the math.

I even had one who said she spotted the guy who robbed her and said she was suspicious but didn't want to cross the street to walk AWAY from him because she didn't want to appear racist.

I hope that LIBERAL education serves you well.

Anonymous said...

Har de Har Har. Good victims=Dumb Whites. LMAO. Guess there's an abundance!

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting up boycott citgo, i have been telling everyone i know that for such a long time

Anonymous said...

Why are we boycotting Citgo??

Anonymous said...

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