Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stroger Betrays Unions

You get what you pay for!!!!!!
In todays Sun-Times the unions (AFSME & SEIU) are beside themselves with the proposal by Baby Doc (Todd) Stroger to lay off thousands of their members in order to balance a $500 million projected budget deficit.
Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Federation of Labor. "I'm very concerned about this budget being balanced on the backs of hard-working men and women."

The union proposed that the county raise taxes --

Thats the answer! Screw the honest hard working taxpayer. The Cook County government is an overbloated bureaucracy filled with patronage workers and political hacks.
The fact Todd wants to trim department budgets by 17% is purely political. The jobs that will eventually be eliminated will surely come from the ranks of those with the least political connections.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dennis Gannon:

I was shocked that your organaization supported Stroger. If you did not have to foresight to see this coming then shame on you.

During our last battle at contract negotiations I felt that you did a pretty good job at attempting to get all of the city unoins on the same page. Although you dropped the ball by endorsing The idoit that was elected to Cook County Board President. I hope that everyone can put 2 and 2 together to come to the conclusion that the Daley family is robbing the county till too.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.