Wednesday, December 13, 2006


DENY! DENY! DENY!.........This is the strategy our beloved mayor loves to employ when faced with questions concerning his knowledge about corruption in his administration.
Fran Spielman describes the mayor as a person who prides himself on being a master of detail and wants to know;

how he could have been oblivious to the fact that city hiring and promotions were being rigged.

And the mayor skillfully dodged the question with this brilliant answer.

"You have asked me that question a thousand times and I've given you the same answer. I'm not going to keep repeating [it]," Daley said. "If I knew everything in the world, I don't think I'd be mayor. I'd be something else."

You would then be what?...GOD!
Fran hardly asked if the mayor knew everything in the world. Fran asked how was he not aware of what was going on in his world and in particular the corruption perpetrated by his closest operatives.

The mayor wants you to believe that there is no possible way for him to know top officials of his staff were corrupt. There is no possible way he would have known about job and promotion rigging. Everyone in the city knew about it in one form or another. It is a way life in Chicago "The city that works". You and I know about rigging (meritorious) promotions. We aren't the only agancy in the city that practices this fine art of politics. Somehow the mayor was able to insulate himself from any knowledge of the crap that has been going on on his behalf.

Well Mr. Mayor you now have created new precedent in defense of a charge of culpabilty. The next time you (P.O/Supervisor) face an accusation of culpability because your partner or one of your cars was involved in some bullshit..just remember, "I can't know everything in the world. I'm not God!"

Daniel Katalinic is a former deputy commissioner of streets and sanitation. In pleading guilty last year, he admitting knowing that court orders requiring merit hiring of city employees were being violated.

Katalinic was sentenced today by a judge who warned that corruption in Chicago "has to stop."

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