Wednesday, December 06, 2006


In today's Sun-Times an article is written asking "You be the judge: Should James Ealy have been let go?" Well law and order people will say no and those who believe that the rights of an individual far out weigh the greater good of society will say yes. The article in the end shows how the justice systems scales tip far more in favor of the accused than in the favor of the victim and society as a whole.

James Ealy had been out on bond (for sexual assault) when he commited the henious acts of murdering and raping a 3 year old little boy, Jontae Parker, along 3 other members of the Parker family. He was convicted for the CSA charge and sentenced to 23 years but sreved 10. Three years later he cathes a UUW/Agg Unlawful Restraint case and receives a 10 year sentence but serves less than 3 years.

So throw out James Ealy's life sentence and you still have Ealy receiving 33 years for other crimes since 1983. James Ealy has served less than 13 of those 33 years. At the very least James Ealy should of been in prision till 2013 on his other convictions. The scales however seem to tip in his favor and now Mary Hutchison is dead as a result. Mary Mitchell where is your out rage now?


Anonymous said...

Read Marys Column. She Blamed the Police. As Usual.

Anonymous said...

Mary Hutchison's husband is suing Burger King. How ironic that Kathleen Zellner is representing the husband. She is the attorney from Northwestern, who is always defending the offenders and blaming the police.

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