Friday, December 01, 2006


Cops Shoot, Injure Man Allegedly Wielding Knife
(STNG) CHICAGO A female officer from the Rogers Park District shot a man twice Thursday night, injuring him, after police said he charged towards her with a knife while she and another officer responded to a North Side apartment for an incident.

Ward bosses angry at mayor
Circulators of petitions told to sign affidavit
The Daley campaign is demanding that petition circulators sign a sworn affidavit that Democratic ward bosses call a "slap in the face" from a mayor who has ignored them

2 aldermen cite slavery, try to block garage pact
Aldermen Dorothy Tillman and Ed Smith filed a lawsuit Thursday against the city, which is set to enter a 99-year lease agreement with Morgan Stanley Investment Management to run the parking structures. Morgan Stanley declined to comment

Police Decry Web Site on Informants

WASHINGTON (AP) - Police and prosecutors are worried that a Web site claiming to identify more than 4,000 informants and undercover agents will cripple investigations and hang targets on witnesses


Crimefile said...

It's all fun until some local or federal prosecutors use bogus snitches to go after cops!

Anonymous said...

Just found out today in oec rollcall, that whenever a sgt reassigns a job, preempts on job to be saved for the next watch, or gives a lunch to a unit while in RAP, event is to be documented( par for the course) and NOW we have to make a copy of the event and fax it to Chief of patrol. Guess Lt Williams wasn't aware of our regular everyday dispatching behavior and is investigating the field boss's participation in the backlogs. FYI just in case you didn't hear.

Anonymous said...

Tillman and Smith should be prosecuted for "EXTORTION" That is what they are really doing

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your site. It's the good, the bad, and the ugly. Question--All the Sgts complaining, why didn't anyone stand up and run for office in 05 and recently in Sept 06???? You only get what you put in. Be safe.

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