Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Not Much In The Way Of News

In today's Tribune there is an article concerning the expiration of most city employee contracts.
June 30, 2007 is fast approaching!
City has no incentive to renegotiate in a timely manner. Retro is paid with no interest.
The city will be looking for us to take on more of the health insurance cost. During the last set of negotiations FOP was able to show that the cities actual cost for medical claims actually decreased from one year to another.
The city will probably be looking to change our pension with a two tier system. In essence new hires would have drastically different benefits then existing members.
The over/under for contract settlememnt is 24 months.


Anonymous said...

"A two tier system" for pensions... This is what MANY cities are doing in their negotiations around the country. Also, 2 tier pay rates.

The New York Police department now pays its new hires only $25,100 for the first year. They are now getting people with IQs slightly lower than Forest Gump.

Anonymous said...

Why should the city negotiate in good faith and try to reach a fair contract within a reasonable time span. What we need is an arbitrator that will not only give us at least 5% interest on our money but penalize the city for it's stalling tactics. That wouyld stop this bullshit.

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