Thursday, December 14, 2006


Cable worker charged in bathtub slaying
Sun-Times Tribune
When I saw this headline I thought it was the murdered girl found in Garfield Ridge.

Bears player faces gun charges

Secretary of State's daughter caught in drug sting
Lorraine White, 47, of Chicago, was charged with possession of a controlled substance, attempted possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass, the police said.

Jersey cop sues state troopers over arrest

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Anonymous said...


To the dear (possibly visting) SERGEANT outside a/2 on 15DEC06 approx. 23:00 hrs.

m/1/40's, 5'8 260

As a witness to the event, I found it amusing that a p/o would ask if you were the r-man, and found it even funnier that you got offended by it. Perhaps if you weren't wearing a raggity jacket with a baseball cap, he wouldn't have made that assumption. (Can't SERGEANTS afford better?) SERGEANT, if you want to be identified as such, especially outside the station, some identifying items (star, cap, id, etc.) might make the job easier.

But it was helpful that you showed the PPO he was with what a douchebag supervisor looks like. He didn't have much time on the street yet, and it was great to have a visual example.


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