Monday, July 23, 2007

Backing Mike?

The department's blog, Checkerboard Chat,
makes a statement concerning Mike Mette and links to the Mike Mette Defense Fund website. This is an official site operated by the department and all content must be approved by the superintendent. Its a start.


Anonymous said...

Well it's done,Charlie Williams is the next Superintendent:

Sneed's Column July 24,2007
The police blotter: Rumor circulating among Chicago Police Department wags is Deputy Supt. Charles Williams has asked for packing boxes to be brought to his office. Hmmm. Does moving out mean moving up . . . to the top spot? Stay tuned.

Things have gone from absolutely horrible to abysmal now

pathickey said...

Sarge, Officer Mette's Fund is a topic of the PAL meeting.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool...

Anonymous said...

More Bad News:

More indictments for cop accused of attacking teen

A Chicago police officer accused of breaking the jaw of a 15-year-old boy was indicted Tuesday on additional charges of official misconduct and unlawful restraint.,1,4088810,full.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Anonymous said...

P.s. Love the new look, especially the skyline at the top, Sarge.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that there are PO's out there who are too immature to make worthwhile contributions to these blogs and effect positive dialogue and change. This are the same whiners who continuously bitch about the CPD and prefer to write about some copper or boss without validity.

Thank You for the forum and the work necessary to get ur done

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Jay Leno's, I mean Jeff Wilson's website?

Good guy, I wish him great fortune in his endeavors.® was created by Jeff Wilson in
2002 after he retired from the Chicago Police
Department after twenty-two years. Mr. Wilson
wished to use the extensive expertise he had
accumulated through those years as a Watch
Commander, Supervisor, Patrolman, Union
President and Lawyer in his two most passionate
pursuits; law enforcement and the judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Former Chicago Police Officer Gets His Own Talk Show:

NBCU to Launch The Steve Wilkos Show; Announces Clearances

NBC Universal is about to confirm the sale of a fall 2007 first-run talk show hosted by Steve Wilkos, the director of security on The Jerry Springer Show, to affiliates within the Sinclair and Tribune station groups.

Initial clearance percentages are expected at approximately 55 percent of the country. Wilkos, a former marine and police officer, has expanded his role in recent years on the veteran Springer daily hour, including recent episodes themed “Steve to the Rescue,” which feature him on location offering advice to troubled individuals.

Official Clearances for NBCU’s The Steve Wilkos Show

NBC Universal has announced clearances for the new fall 2007 first-run hour-long talk show hosted by Jerry Springer’s head of security, Steve Wilkos, on the Tribune and Sinclair stations. Deals include Tribune’s WPIX/New York, KTLA/Los Angeles, WGN/Chicago and WPHL/Philadelphia; and Sinclair stations WTTA/Tampa, WPGH/Pittsburgh, WNUV/Baltimore and WLFL/Raleigh.

"It is truly incredible that I first came to work part-time with Jerry Springer some 14 years ago and here I am now getting my own show," said Steve Wilkos. "I believe my Marine training of what is right and what is wrong and the street smarts I picked up as a police officer will assist me in helping my guests get through the hard times they face each day."

Anonymous said...

Wilkos was never the police. I worked with him in 014. What a joke! He didn't do anything. I don't mind a guy making a buck, but PLEASE do not tranish my profession. All he did was give the bosses free tickets to events, so he got a free ride. I know - - -I was one of them!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.