Saturday, November 04, 2006


According to FOP..........Over the past few weeks some Lodge members have been placed into the Behavioral Intervention System improperly (C.R.'s) per Administrative Special Order 05-02.

The Lodge has initiated a grievance on Nov 3rd for members improperly placed into the Behavioral Intervention System under Administrative Special Order 05-02.

Members who have been notified that they may be placed into the Behavioral Intervention System or Personnel Concerns Program are asked to do the following, call the Lodge (312-733-7776) only after receiving documentation placing you into either program and ask for Sid Davis. It’s very important that hearing request is made within seven (7) working days of being presented with the Individualized Performance Plan (IPP) for the Behavioral Intervention System, or seven (7) working days of having attended a Personnel Concerns Conference.

Fellow sergeants please let your people know about this. From the word go this has been an absolute knee-jerk reaction by the department. Guarantee most coppers never even look at the FOP site to read updates like this lets give them a heads up.

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