Thursday, November 16, 2006


The city council approved Daley's budget proposal yesterday and yes the vote was unanimous however grumblings where heard from a few aldermen.

But in his comments, Ald. Ed Smith (28th) assailed City Hall corruption, saying there was "no line item" in the budget for wrongdoing in the scandal-plagued Hired Truck Program, timesheet scams or criminal activity.

"We have cheats, connivers and crooks who want to rip off this budget," he said. "There are some people out there who seem to be bent on doing the wrong thing, and it makes us all look bad."

"Thank you," said Daley, clearly peeved. "Make sure you meet the inspector general. I will have him in your office tomorrow morning. Thank you. We'll make sure he'll be in your office. Thank you."

Daley stated that he made that comment as a joke and inferred that the IG took complaints so he would send him to hear any complaints Smith might have.
Sounded like a threat to us. "We'll make sure he'll be in your office. Thank you." to hear your complaints? More like to look into your own dealings Mr. Smith.

Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th) won mock applause from Daley after delivering a speech in which she criticized inequities between African-Americans and whites as well as city jobs given to members of the pro-Daley Hispanic Democratic Organization.

I can picture his beat red face on the verge of exploding.


Anonymous said...

is troutman the same one linked to the leader of the BDs.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she sure is. The BDs at 6217 S. Calumet to be specific.

Anonymous said...

and she has the nerve to talk about corruption

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