Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Same Old Shit!

Well our favorite columnist at the
SUN-TIMES is at it again. Mary Mitchell and her tired rhetoric about race and the injustice heaped upon young black men is at it again.
The arrestee and the subject of one of her past rants was released from custody after a finding of "no probable cause" in a robbery case. As if no PC is a declination of innocence. Just spend a day in a felony branch and watch all the hypes walk out for no PC due to the weight of the dope not in the strength of the case.
Ms. Mitchell couldn't just tell this kid's story and celebrate the perception that the system worked in his case. No she had to go on her usual race baiting sanctimonious tirades where conspiracy theories reign supreme.
Jemelle swore to police, to his mother and to me that he had nothing to do with the assault. He is a "B" student, captain of his school's basketball team, and has no arrests or convictions on his record.

Hello felony review.....we have one for a strong armed robbery....however we have a problem.......he swore he didn't do it.....and he's a "B" student and captain of the basketball team...........felony charges denied!
Had these young men been suburban, white and first-time offenders, they would have probably been given a "station adjustment."
That's when a parent is hauled down to the police station and between the parents and the cops, the teen is made to see the error of his ways without being hit with formal charges

Really! Where the hell does this columnist get her information? Oh that's right she was picking the brain of one of Chicago's foremost legal scholars...R Eugene Pincham.
Ms. Mitchell, according to Illinois Compiled Statues, a juvenile is a person under the age of 17 and "station adjustments" apply only to juveniles. So white or black, suburban or urban, first time or multiple offender, Mr. Lloyd wasn't eligible for a station adjustment since he was 17 at the time of the crime. Do facts matter to you Ms. Mitchell or were you just misinformed by Judge Pincham?
Then we are left with these pearls of wisdom from the Judge "The judicial system and the police department need to be more sensitive. That is why the jail now is full of black folks,"
Personal responsibility and moral fortitude is no longer a requirement to keep a young black man out of jail. The need to be more sensitive by both the police and the judicial system would be the preferred route. Great lesson Judge!


Anonymous said...

We have to deal with the issues of race, poverty and suffering. We also have to figure out ways to deal with the systemic issues that were revealed here. Three, we've got to move from charity to justice. Charity is beautiful. You give people stuff when they need it and then you move on. No. Justice. Martin King Jr. said it's one thing to be the good Samaritan on the Jericho Road, that's one thing. But hey, let's transform the Jericho road itself to make sure people are not getting robbed there. And that's what black people have to do.

Anonymous said...

The black-white racial paradigm was also pressured by an enduring question among social analysts that was revived in the face of the city elections: is it race or class that determines the fate of poor blacks? Critics came down on either side during the crisis, but in this case, that might equate to six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. It is true that class is often overlooked to explain social reality. Ironically, it is often a subject broached by the acid conservatives who want to avoid confronting race, and who become raging parodies of Marxists in the bargain. They are only concerned about class to deflect race; they have little interest in unpacking the dynamics of class or engaging its deforming influence in the social scene. In this instance, race becomes a marker for class, a proxy, blurring and bending the boundaries that segregate them.

Anonymous said...

No other people in the modern world have had such unprecedented levels of unregulated violence against them. Psychic violence taught to hate ourselves and told we have the wrong hips and lips and noses and hair texture and skin pigmentation. Physical violence, slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, police brutality”

nice try said...

plagarism by 9:09:00

at least credit the actual author


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