Friday, November 10, 2006


You be the judge! Tonight we heard that statement over a dozen times on all the news shows. The sad thing is that the average Joe who watches the selected 19 seconds of this arrest will come away shocked and outraged. We put this video up here because we know you the professional police officer will come away with the same opinion as we did "reasonable force was used to effect the arrest"

According to testimony at Cardenas' preliminary hearing, Schlegel (identified officer) said he and his partner were in their patrol car when they spotted Cardenas drinking beer with two friends on the corner of Fountain Avenue and Gordon Street. Schlegel said he recalled that Cardenas had a warrant for failing to appear on a charge of receiving stolen property. In later testimony, a transcript of which was obtained by The Times, a gang expert identified Cardenas as a member of the Gordon Street Locos.

Farrell (identified officer) yelled for the men to put their hands up, but Cardenas took off and they chased him a short distance. Schlegel said he caught up with Cardenas, tripped him, then pushed him in the back, "causing him to fall forward, and his face bounced off the sidewalk."

Schlegel said he got on top of Cardenas, who then tried to hit him with his right fist and left elbow. Schlegel said Farrell caught up to them and joined the struggle.

Schlegel said Cardenas was "grabbing at me, at my clothes. He grabs at my belt, I could feel my belt being tugged on, my holster move." Farrell warned his partner to watch his gun and punched Cardenas twice, according to Schlegel. Cardenas complained two or three times that he couldn't breathe, "but we're not going to let him up. He's gonna get away," Schlegel testified.

The officer said he then used pepper spray on Cardenas and called for backup. The officer testified that he was cut on his right little finger and that Farrell hurt his left thumb and had difficulty closing his right hand, which also had a cut knuckle.

Commissioner Ronald Rose, in ordering Cardenas to trial, found that "the response of the officers was more than reasonable under the circumstances."
Rose acknowledged the video was violent, but said, "The issue here is not whether the officers had to use force. The question is whether or not the defendant used force in resisting the lawful arrest, and I find that he did resist, using force."

Rose went on, "The obligation of citizens is to stop and allow themselves to be arrested and not use force against the officers. And when a citizen chooses to use force against the officers, they are entitled to use force in return."

Rose noted the officers did not draw their weapons in the video, and said there was no testimony they used a baton or weapon "which might have resulted in death or serious injury to this defendant. At worst, they used their fist and they used their spray."

Police action recorded at poor quality from one angle frequently is unclear and misrepresents the story," said Bob Baker of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. "This is why it is important to know all the facts in a case and not rush to judgment."

But the ACLU's Ripston said the LAPD's handling of the incident had eroded public confidence in the department.

AHHHHH yes the ACLU.... You take 19 selected seconds of an arrest of a convicted felon whose goal at this time is to make good his escape by fleeing, battering and possibly attempting to disarm an officer and your confidence is eroded. We can only hope one of these self righteous ACLU types is the victim of an in progress crime and upon arrival of the police the offender flees and the coppers just watch him run. Would that build your confidence?


Anonymous said...

I for one will beat the shit out of this fucker. A reminder to all the goofballs who tries to resist this is what you deserve and maybe more. To the news reporter who publish this, your so obvious that you are desperate for something to publish, I bet you're a struggling reporter who wants to make some name in expense of other people. I hope that one of your family or friends cross path with this Felon and he fucks your good. Don't even ask us for help. A partial video footage what a crap!!!!


The View said...

From what I saw, reasonable force used. If he was truly "choking" as his lawyer described, why was he still resisting? Why not just stop, and submit to the arrest?
Always smarter to fight the man with the gun and badge in court than to do so on the street, I always say...

Anonymous said...

Ive always said this can happen and there you go. What people fail to understand that once an offender resists arrest all that arm bar,pressure points,verbal commands etc.. bullshit is out the door. Can anyone say FIGHT? because at that point that is what you are in and when you are in a fight I dont know about you, but I fight to win and if the fight is being video taped at the moment a offender is getting his ass handed to him oh well its one for the good guys. Shit you can also see several videos on youtube where the police are on the losing end of the FIGHT. Where is the public and media outcry????

CPDSpicoli said...

IF YOU CAN TALK YOU CAN STILL BREATHE! The officers did the right thing. Prick didn't want to go to jail and he lost. Citizens watch to much T.V. and think they know what we can and can't do. I agree with the above poster. Who ever tries to fight with me will go to the hospital. Fuck the CR#, hell I've had several pulled on me by the W/C because of the injuries on the offender. Not one SUSTAINED, because I was able to justify my actions. "Offender did this, I did this! Offender did that, I did that!" Correct me if I'm wrong, use of force states you can go one level higher than the assailant. If the offender loses they go to jail, if we lose we most likely go to the morgue! Just a thought. Stay safe!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes...totally reasonable. I bet next the criminal loving lawyers, press will bring up the fact that the officers lied on the police report...which is obviously self defense on their part. I understand that we get upset at perps but taking out his aggression like this is only going to bring about a huge backlash and make things harder for all of us. ..we all know what this is.

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