Monday, November 20, 2006

"He Doesnt Own Any Weapons!"

"He Doesn't Own Any Weapons!" according to Michael Smith's fiance. As if that has anything to do with the attempt disarming of a police officer. A news conference was held today by family members of Smith and community leaders of Woodlawn. The Chicago Tribune had a crack staff on hand to ask tough questions concerning the communities allegations. Right! The Tribune uses the term "allegedly" when describing the actions of Smith as described by the police but the word is never used when describing the action of the officers when described by "alleged witnesses".

Rev. Leon Finney Jr., chairman and chief executive of the Woodlawn Community Development Corp. and president of The Woodlawn Organization, said it had been years since a shooting of this type had occurred in the community.

He said his organization has asked Police Supt. Philip Cline to conduct a full investigation, preferably by an independent body, in five days and report to the community.

Why is it Reverend that you prefer to give the benefit of the doubt to a convicted dope sligging felon to that of a young man (police officer) who puts his life on the line every day. An investigation is being done but I'm sure it will conflict with the information that you gathered from the regular mutts that "hang" at 63rd and Evans. Where is your indignation when these shitheads kill each other or shoot an innocent bystander?


Anonymous said...

You would think by now that our good citizens would get the message that;
1. If the police order you to drop the gun, drop the gun or you will be shot
2. If you raise a gun at a police officer, you will be shot
3. If you ever try to disarm the police, you will be shot

This is what we are trained to do. God knows that there have been plenty of news stories regarding police shootings that list these as the principal reasons that suspects get shot. Remember these three things. Its not that hard.

Anonymous said...

If the "Reverend" can't even remember to stay in the car he is a passenger in when it is stopped for a traffic violation, do you actually expect the m to remember 3 rules?

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock.

"How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police."

Anonymous said...

I like Troutman saying, Why didthe Police have to have their guns out. friggin idiot gangbanging beotch

Anonymous said...

"He ain't do it!"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some people believe the three golden rules of gunplay don't apply to them, just like a lot of other rules the po-po use to enforce the LAW. The act like's all completely personal and every cop is out to get them because of the colour of their skin, not their actions and reactions. Dumb-asses.

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