Saturday, November 11, 2006


From our friends over at SECOND CITY COP

In Areas 4 and 5.

Until further notice, ALL JOBS dispatched will be handled by a 10-4 car OR two one-man cars PLUS a Sergeant.

Evidently, FOXNews was more on the ball than our own Department when they broadcast the report that the new breeds were seriously targeting a Chicago Police Officer or Officers.

This represents a complete 180 degree turn from what was read to us at roll calls for the past week.

Maybe someone can address the hideous manpower shortages now? We saw that last week on midnights, a couple of districts in our Area were averaging 4 cars DOWN for the ENTIRE TOUR. That's about a third of the District manpower for any civilians or media types reading the blog. We are stretched so thin, it isn't even funny now.

Be careful out there.

CORRECTION? ADDITION: We're being told by a couple of people that this is for the 1st and 3rd watches only, responding cars are TWO two-man cars PLUS a Sergeant (5 total). The Districts are assumed to be in immediate RAP beginning 3rd Watch. Conflicting reports have TRU and SOS deployed to Areas 4 and 5 and rumors abound of Tact and Gang teams in uniform.


Anonymous said...

Lesson Learned!

Do not be a stooge for the city and 19-P jobs that you have not been at, and don't go alone, Sgt's can be picked off quite easily. You are just another target for the gangs.

Let the city put the cops back in the districts as they should have been all along.

Anonymous said...

blame daley's lacky fat Phil for all the manpower shortage.

Anonymous said...

I was extremely disappointed when I read that teletype. I have worked for Charlie Williams and found him to be intelligent, polite, and competent.

A couple of scenarios come to mind--

If he knew we didn't have the manpower to carry out his order and still put it out, he is paying lip service to the city. A CYA situation.

If he didn't know that we don't have the manpower, he is sorely uninformed. A real shame.

I've seen too many bosses that I thought were stand up guys fold and become city lackeys once they get the scrambled eggs on their hat.

Tact_Guy said...

I heard about the Breeds wanting to kill us, but nothing in detail. Anyone have the detailed news? I'm all for going over there and fucking up their days.

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