Thursday, August 23, 2007


Crooked cops’ reign of terror
The robbers and the rest of their stickup crew, nine men in all, eventually were caught. They carried out more than a dozen robberies of currency exchanges and other businesses across the city and suburbs in 2002 and 2003, robberies that netted more than $405,000.
In at least six of the holdups, the robbers were armed with details about the victims and their families.

Where did this information come from?
Upchurch later testified that he helped the two cops obtain at least two search warrants by giving bogus testimony and flagged drug dealers for them to rob. He also told authorities the crooked cops watched his crew's backs, making sure the Police Department wasn't on to them.

Our old pals, Corey Flagg and Broderick Jones, would use Upchurch to obtain warrants. Upchurch would pass on license plate numbers to Jones and Flagg who would run them in order to obtain information on currency exchange employees.
The response from one of the victims describing Flagg and Jones was aptly put
"They're scum"

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Where is the outrage of the "Reverends" on this one?

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