Friday, August 17, 2007

CPD: Crime down so far this year

Story on ABC7
Chicago Police say crime is down so far this year when compared to last year.


Anonymous said...

I hear the Lts. test is so fucked up they have to redo it again.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot has not changed about the CPD. The same political chicanery, the same complaints about the city leadership, and the same tired racial animosities.

What the Chicago Police Department needs is an outsider with strong turnaround credentials who can come up with sound promotional exams that really measure job knowledge and that are graded stricly on performance without race norming etc. A new Superintendant would have to ensure that the actual SGT. and LT. examinations are composed with input from experienced CPD supervisors, CPD managers, Corporation Counsel Attorneys, Assistant States Attorneys, and also outside criminal justice experts. The exams would have to be drafted outside of Chicago and delivered on the night before the examination. The firm that prepares the examination would have to sign an agreement that nobody (alderman, judges, ministers, city officials) in Chicago could view the actual exams before the date of the tests.

Additionally the Bureau Heads of Patrol, Investigations etc. would have to be law enforcement professionals recruited from outside the Chicago area with a proven long term track record of concrete results in a major city with a diverse population.

Internal Affairs would have to be a mandatory assignment for anyone wishing to become a manager in the CPD. IAD needs to be beefed up with sharp, intuitive officers and sent out after the scum who continue to pimp the job. The head of IAD should be a former head of the Department Of Justice / Office of Inspector General. Anyone in IAD or other specialized units should be subjected to random polygraph examinations conducted by an outside entity.

The Chicago Police Department needs to go on a hiring blitz and fully staff the districts. CPD has more specialized units than necessary. These units need to be culled and the districts beefed up. Additionally the city of Chicago should designate 5 districts as Critical Staffing Districts and pay a 15% premium for officers to staff those districts. The exempt rank commanders of these districts should be held accountable for results but allowed to choose the officers, supervisors, and managers who will work in their districts.

The Patrol Bureau should receive the lions share of resources from the CPD. Citizens feel safe due to prompt response times, speaking with knowledgeable police officers, and an abundance of uniformed cops on patrol. No officer should be able to go to a specialized unit or the D unit without at least 5 consecutive years pushing a beat car (TACT Team Time not included).

It is also necessary that the CPD dump the college hours needed to become a police officer. It makes sense that perhaps a SGT., LT., or an exempt should have a college degree but a guy pushing a beat car should graduate from a sound academy program and have access to continuing education courses that could help him/her expand their job knowledge. Finally, attract the best candidates for the FTO program by paying a 25 % premium and a take home squad car with the condition that they would have have to work in a critical staffing district.

Still got da deuce in my heart!

Take care guys and remember you were never drafted to join the CPD. Lets remember that bulk of us really wanted this job no matter what BS we would face. If you don't like the residency rules, or your ghetto adventures get another job.

Much love from a guy who worked the vaunted beat 222 and once in a while the tact wagon 272! I wasn't smart enough to pass the SGT. examination. Hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks Sat Aug 18, 11:58:00 AM

good comments

Anonymous said...

A lot of his ideas make sense. But good luck keeping a test under wraps. Lots of industrial espionage going on with lots of firms; do you really think a testing firm could lock it down?
Tact time should count for getting into a specialized unit. Being on a beat car doesn't allow you to get any level of expertise that a person SHOULD have before getting into Gang Intel or NAGIS. While we all know someone who didn't do much and got there, the folks who worked tact/wrote and executed search warrants and/or made controlled buys in their districts usually fit right in when they get there. The others just seem to float from team to team, without leaving much of a mark on any of them.

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.