Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Remember Cincinnati 2001

In the past few days it has been as frustrating as hell to be a policemen. Incidents in the 6th district and the 11th district have brought cries of "they murdered him", "he was a respectful boy" and "he would never have a gun" brought to you by a complicit and irresponsible media.
By recommendation of Second City Cop I visited a liberal website called the Chicagoist for their spin of the latest police incidents. The comments varied but I was surprised to see quite a few siding with the police. It was the anti-police comments that amazed me. It reminded me somewhat of Cincinnati in 2001 and and led me to a google search.
I found a brilliant article in the Jewish World Review by David Horowitz (July 11, 2001)
Consider the perspective of an under-represented party in these events, the law enforcement community in Cincinnati. This community was in the habit of reading Miranda rights to every predator it arrested however calculating and vile his criminal misdeeds. But now it saw itself presumed guilty in front of the entire nation, and before evidence of any crime had even been presented. This community now witnessed a swifter indictment lodged against one of its own, than against many of the felons it had pursued. Overnight, and without probable cause, it had become the target of a national lynch mob seeking "justice" from a policeman for the crime of performing his protective duty. In advance of any trial or presentation of the facts, this community could not fail to notice that it had been put in the criminal dock and had no defenders in the national press or even among city officials who were pledged to uphold the law and support the public good.
A recent newsletter to members of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, contains this warning from its President: "If you want to make 20 traffic stops a shift and chase every dope dealer you see, you go right ahead. Just remember that if something goes wrong, or you make the slightest mistake in that split second, it could result in having your worst nightmare come true for you and your family, and City Hall will sell you out."

Allow me a certain bluntness in interpolating these facts: In Cincinnati, the crusade for social justice conducted by self-righteous race hustlers, myopic idealists and political whores has produced a police force predictably (and sensibly) reluctant to continue enforcing the law at its own unappreciated expense. This has produced an equally predictable crime wave whose mounting roster of victims is -- also predictably -- black.

I seriously doubt that we are at this point yet but a continued systematic attack against the police could result in a reluctance by the police to be the police.


Anonymous said...

Bull, the police are already not being the police in Chicago, due to being thrown under a bus by the exempts and city hall, not to mention the media.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant analysis by David Horowitz. He is one of the foremost intellectuals in the world today.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.