Thursday, August 30, 2007


I will not post any comments that are derogatory about the new sergeants as a group nor deal in rumours about individuals. I have already deleted a few comments that question the legitimacy of their promotions, question their sexuality and the alleged relationships with higher ranking members. Slip those comments in at other blog sites or better yet create your own blog.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a fine decision! It's refreshing to have an environment where we can engage in a mature exchange of ideas and information. Maintaining an adult blog enhances its' credibility, usefulness, and ultimate longevity. And, I'm certain that our civilian readers will develop a better opinion of CPD if you continue to take the high road.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we even consider all those negativities when we see a promotion list. Wouldn't it be nice to see everyone get it fair and square?

Anonymous said...

I applaud this view, but the reality of our promotion process is this: those who do not have clout must pour hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to get promoted, (as I did for this last disaster of a Lieutenant's Test), to get anywhere on this job. I feel, as most do, the privileged few who are promoted meritoriously, due to their affiliation to whomever, and have not seen the streets their whole career, should be sent to fast districts to earn their stripes literally. I'm tired of seeing house mouse p.o.'s become house mouse sergeants and carry an attitude they have earned their promotion, without paying their dues on the street. This cheapens the the promotion process for those who have made the efforts and sacrifices to "really" earn their promotion by working the streets and by putting the time into studying. That's why it is so obvious for the blue shirts to determine if "their newly minted sergeant" is a list sergeant or a meritorious sergeant. The meritorious process is very demoralizing to the rank and file, it only provides a conduit to benefit mostly the inept, unqualified and connected few. Richie can't promote all his idiot friends, we need some people who know what the hell they are doing.
Just a thought from a sergeant tried of the meritorious process and the politics that bore its creation.

Anonymous said...

Awesomme SCS. Great Decision. Hopefully the tone will change and this site can become an impetus for meaningful change on the job. Regards/ Former 222 Driver/ Working FED

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fri Aug 31, 04:00:00 AM that the merit process currently in place is flawed. However, the 30% of the sergeants that get promoted due to merit are not as obvious as he/she indicates. Moreover, I know of several sergeants whose knowledge of Department Directives is quite apparently lacking. However, because they use a detached style of management, allowing the officers to pretty much do whatever they want and exercise absolutely no discipline whatsoever, they are labeled as "great" or "a prince" and are never called out on being a merit promotion. Conversely, there are many of the 70% who have a more engaged style of management that the officers don't like who are then targets of retribution and referred to as several derogatory names, including "merit sergeant," when they have studied as hard as all the rest of us who have passed the test legitimately.

What I think we should be striving for on these blogs is to address the means by which we can change the system aside from leveling personal attacks which are not only juvenile and of questionable credibility, but often times unjust and damaging on a personal as well as a departmental level.

I think our chances are much better if we focus on getting the list made public, rather than attempting abolishing the merit system. The reality of the situation is that this usually means we must give something up in the contract. Whining and name-calling will not get us what we want. I think one way we can help to achieve our goals is to establish a highly credible blog where our best thinkers will be more interested in visiting and exchanging ideas so we can ultimately develop a consensus and strategy to help make our department the finest in the nation. We can't get there if we allow the personal attacks and insults. Great first step SCS!

The View said...

SCS, I applaud your public decision to take the HIGH ROAD on your blog. If only the more popular CPD blog would take a hint from you and do the same! The other site only provides the bullets for the shots our profession frequently takes from the print and video media, and various "community activists" who are only looking for a free commercial platform for their own agenda. Good luck in maintaining the HIGH ROAD, and may others who create future blogs learn from you!

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