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This Friday a class of 50 new sergeants will graduate and much needed help will arrive in some districts. Word has it that the new sergeants were warned that many would of them would end up in districts in Area 2. I have been hearing that another class of sergeants will be created in November. One has to wonder if that class will be made without the 3 month detective familiarization.
I wish the best of luck to the graduating sergeants.
As soon as I have the assignments they will be posted.


Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for the boost in manpower. Advice to the new sergeants...ask questions and keep your ear on the radio at all times. GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

The three month detective familiarization was Cline's idea and served no real purpose. Most of the detective trainees got to the area and were either ignored or used it as a three month long vacation.

They should do away with that nonsense and put more supervisors on the street ASAP.

Anonymous said...

What is the actual budgeted number of sergeants? Does anyone know? PBPA?

Anonymous said...

I made sergeant in '96, and we were held hostage due to a lawsuit.

For three weeks they had to make shit up for us to study, because they couldn't promote us. I for one would have liked to have had the familiarization training instead of the busy work they gave us.

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Future cop in 016 said...

I am not on the job so I am not sure what detective familiarization is, and what it has to do with Sergeants, could someone explain it?? thanks !

Anonymous said...

The 3 month detective training was some of the best training I've had. It made me understand what I need to do as a sergeant, and it made me wish I studied harder for the dick's test. We have so many real things to complain about, don't bitch about the good things.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world

Anonymous said...

Advice to the new sergeants...ask questions and keep your ear on the radio at all times. GOOD LUCK

Tue Aug 28, 05:34:00 PM

Great advice.
Get to know who your workers are and who the dogs are. Reward the workers.

Learn to count to 10 and don't admonish people on the radio

For that matter, stay off the radio unless you have something pertinent to say

The CR process is..well...just ask questions of fellow sgt.'s

DON'T be one of those supervisors who only show up when called. Back your men and women up. Go in first when possible. You have some outstanding officers out there that can help diffuse a situation or can give you pointers on handling a job. If they have a solution to a mess,take it,still,if you have to take charge,grow some and take charge.

Oh..read reports don't just sign them. Some officers truly need a remedial class in case reporting and classifications. Still,take em to the side when you correct them. No one likes to look like an ass.

If you if made it legit great.
If you're merit,don't fret,you'll be back in the cush spot within 6 mos.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Seems there were more problems at the Lt re-test. Check out the PBPA site. Is there going to be a re-re-test?

Anonymous said...

Yes, We will retest till we get all the "important" people in the top 100, so they can be promoted to exempt levels and fuck the department up (more than it already is).
R.M. Daley

Anonymous said...

10 new sergeants will go to 015. They will ALL go to days because they are connected to the Commander.

Within the 1st week, 6 of them will be detailed/reassigned to nice units. The other 4 will be detailed out within 6 months.


Anonymous said...

What is the actual budgeted number of sergeants? Does anyone know? PBPA?

Tue Aug 28, 07:46:00 PM


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The assignments should be out by Thursday P.M. .. if you could post 'em that would be great!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 005 2nd watch! life as you knew it gone forever...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What is the actual budgeted number of sergeants? Does anyone know? PBPA?

Tue Aug 28, 07:46:00 PM

You mean the ones that work or the ones that just wear the uniform and pretend?

The View said...

Congrats new Sgts! Can't wait for you to get out in the field! Just a few tips that will make your debut in one of the worst jobs on the Job a little more enjoyable:

1) Watch and learn. All you'll be able to do for a while is ride on jobs, learn your district boundaries/streets, and determine who your dependable people are, who aren't, and who the "special" people are.
2) Monitor your PDT screen! Can't emphasize that enough! Know where your people are, what assignments they have, and how long they've been down on them. Remember, there's nothing written in stone regarding how long a job is supposed to take, but we ALL know when an unreasonable amount of time has been spent. Don't be played. Dogs mess over everybody, including YOU. And they can turn your workers into dogs, if you allow the crap to go on UNCHECKED.
3) Don't forget you're the Police too! Ride on all in progress calls. Great places to log your people in, while they are WORKING, as opposed to "calling for a meet."
4) Hold your people accountable. Can't emphasize that one enough.
Because I can guarantee you, if your people are out doing things they shouldn't, or are out of the District and are caught, you will feel the sting also. A lot of crap rolls uphill the Sgt. now. Don't let it happen to you.
5) CR investigations are a little paper and time consuming, but not really difficult. Remember, if it was serious, they would NEVER send it back to the District! But when you receive them, get them done in a timely manner. Lots of Sgts. catch CR numbers themselves for failing to complete them on time.
Again, don't let this happen to you. Last thing you want to develop as a Sgt. is one that won't pull his or her weight.
6) Last, remember that even though you may have scored well on that last test, you don't know EVERYTHING. If you need advice, ask for it. And some very good advice will come to you from blue shirts, the senior people out there. Some of you new stripes have been away from patrol for quite a while. A lot has CHANGED.
Get ready!! And good luck....

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