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sorry SCS off topic;

CHICAGO POLICE OFFICERS WIN the FLSA Compensatory Federal Lawsuit !!!

The federal magistrate has finally made a decision on the FLSA lawsuit. The city has lost this one!! The FOP and PBPA should soon have some more information on it on their sites. In the new contracts it will state the department MUST grant you “time-due” as long as you put a slip in a reasonable amount of time, say 48 hours.

The city argued that they ARE VERY SHORT ON MANPOWER and can not grant time due so easily. HOWEVER - – Other bosses in the department bullshit that we have 13,500 sworn officers. SO . . What’s the REAL truth Mr. City Attorney???

Start bullshiting a federal judge and guess who he’s going to side with?

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SCS / N E W T O P I C :

From the FOP Update Page (Too bad the PBPA CAN'T KEEP UP):

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lodge Wins FLSA Federal Court Case

In 2004 , nearly two-thousand Chicago Police officers joined together in a Federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago regarding the use of compensatory time. The officers want to be able to use their compensatory time on dates of their choosing. Lawyers from the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge # 7, handled the case and alleged that the City was consistently violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) whenever requests to use compensatory time were denied. The City typically uses “manpower” as an excuse for refusing to grant compensatory time off. This is all going to change.

Yesterday, the plaintiffs obtained a judgment in their favor and against the City. The City will no longer be able to use the “manpower” excuse for denying compensatory time requests. Rather, the City will be made to follow FLSA requirements and prove that granting a compensatory time off request would result in an “undue disruption” of service. In the future, a system will have to be constructed wherein officers can replace each other when compensatory time is used. Additionally, the Federal Judge ruled that the City’s policy of refusing to pay overtime to a replacement worker is flatly contrary to Department of Labor standards and cannot cause an “undue disruption.”

The Federal Court got it right when it stated that the FLSA does not authorize the City balancing its budgetary and public safety concerns on the backs of police personnel. The Judge has directed our lawyers to meet with the City’s lawyers before the end of the month in order to discuss changes that the City must make in order to bring it into compliance with the FLSA. The Lodge’s intent in this case was to provide its members with the right to use their compensatory time when they desire to use it. Yesterday’s decision should not only allow members to do this, it should result in additional overtime opportunities as well. We will keep you posted with all future developments.

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CHICAGO POLICE OFFICERS WIN the FLSA Compensatory Federal Lawsuit !!!

POSTED ON FOP "Update" page.


IN THE MEANTIME, the sergeant (T.L.) that allowed the PBPA to put HIS name on this FLSA Comp-time lawsuit was just FUC%ED OVER by the city and was just recently dumped to midnights in the 015th District.

The city is relentless in screwing over coppers that will stand up for what is right. THE BASTARDS SHOULD be held in contempt of court for continuing to harass and fuc% over workers seeking justice.

The city continues to violate the contract AND the law and just dogs it out in the slow moving arbitration process.

In the process, the taxpayers get screwed for all the money (hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS) that are wasted because of their incompetence.

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11:43 AMEN BROTHER!!!!


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