Saturday, September 15, 2007



Off-duty copper is at home when he hears a noise and discovers his back door open. The copper finds a home invader. The home invader is at Christ Hospital recovering from a gun shot wound.


Anonymous said...

Thank god the homeowner wa sa cop and able to protect himself & hsi family.

Hopefully this goofball will spread the word to the other goons to stay the HELL OUT OF OUR NEIGHBROHOOD

Future cop in 016 said...

Nice !....anyone wanna bitch complain about this shoot ?

Anonymous said...

That's a shame, nice shooting TEX.

Anonymous said...

The only down side to this stoty--The Offender is recovering.

Anonymous said...

30 year cop from oo6 007 008 and 22nd i bet some suck ass judge will agree with the judeo lawyer that the poor lad was drinking and thought it was his owm home laff laff just watch saw it before and dont trust any states attnys even the prosecutors they hate coppers

Anonymous said...

Wait til the PO gets time because it wasn't a "current qualification" or a duty weapon.

God forbid it's an unregistered weapon. (unless he has a side job as a security guard/locksmith/P.I.)

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