Monday, September 17, 2007


Kudos to SCC
Read the article about Second City Cop in Sunday's Southtown
I was glad to see that the site was treated fairly. SCC had some issues about how it was handle but they too were pleased for the most part.
By the way SCC I didn't take issue nor was I insulted with the description of my site and the others as a "less successful imitators". When I started you folks were more than supportive of my new found hobby.

Great Job Sir/Madam, Guys/Gals


Anonymous said...

Asked about the accusations of racism that plague his blog (SCC), and the department in general, he counters, "There was a quote we read in a book, that coppers worldwide have an intense dislike for the poorest segment of society they serve.

"The example given was a Chicago cop bitching about African-Americans to an NYPD guy, who then had to top him with, "You think that's bad? Let me tell you about the Puerto Ricans in New York!"

"Are there racists? Sure, they're everywhere, even in the media, but there are 25 districts and dozens of units where people can try to get if they don't want to deal with what they don't like."

Still you/we can live with “acceptable” levels of racism? Not! And if you espouse this, then you are as much of a problem as the gangbangers and aldercreatures. Unlike you I tend not to dislike the 911 caller but rather the person(s) that has that person calling 911. This article did you no good unless you considered a rise in visitors a success.

Anonymous said...

The copper who described Mary Mitchell as "MOPE-rah" is a comic genius.That really sums her up perfect!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment of racism. Everyone is prejudiced in one way or another. We all have prejudices and we all are racists in one way or another. do I hate all blacks, latinos or white. No, but there are people in every race I dislike, maybe even hate. Are whites just the only racists. No!!! You have blacks and latinos who are racists also. But that is ok. As long as you are not a white racist. I worked in Englewood years ago. Went to a job and as soon as I pulled up the female caller stated I don't want no white policeman helping me. But thats ok. I 19-pauled the job and told the dispatcher if the person called back to give me the job again. When i was there i treated everyone with respect until they gave me a reason not to. Racism runs along all creeds and colors. Do the bloggers on SCC hate every person of a different color. I don't think so. But it is a place to vent against the morons you come across with and deal with. It is not racism it's venting. Unless you have been living in a locked room all your life we have all gone through some sort of anger. Ther is always going to be some level of racism in everyone, Accept that. If you can't accept it you are wrong. Maybe you think the comments are wrong, but they are a part of a cop's life and experiences. Sometimes you have to vent.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.