Thursday, September 13, 2007

HAPPY 25th

Friday, 21 Sep @ 0915 hrs
Wrigley Square at Millennium Park
Recognition Ceremony
Presenting our band and the NY bands with awards
45 minutes long

Friday, 21 Sep
Welcoming Party @ Excalibur 2nd flr
$25 per person in advance & $30 at the door
Open bar from 8p-11p
Call (773) 803-7262 for tix

Here's the biggee!!!!
Saturday, 22 Sep @ 7pm
25th Anniversary Tattoo (concert)
Orchestra Hall - 220 S. Michigan
Performances by NYPD Pipes & Drums, the Police P&D of Bergen County NJ, Mullane Irish Dancers, the Larkin & Moran Bros, Catherine O'Connell and, of course, us.
Tix are $25 & seating is General Admission. Buy tix at


rosco said...

This ain't Ireland, so why bagpipe bands? How about drum and bugle?


The bagpipes aren't Irish, they are Scottish. During colonial times in New York the British soldiers who were Catholic (Irish) were only aloud to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in uniform. Catholic members of the Scottish Highlanders (kilts and pipes)would lead the celebration/parade. The tradition carried on in New York after Independence and with the police being traditionally Irish it stuck.

Probably more then you wanted know but that's the connection.

Anonymous said...

Where you are from rosco you would probably want the bucket boys.

Anonymous said...

We need to support the Pipes and drums of the Emerald Society at their 25th Year Concert. They have been their for the Police and Fireman funerals and numerous events throught the quarter century. You can buy your ticket at the dooer or on line from Orchestra Hall 220 S. Michigan. Come out to support the cause!!

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