Thursday, September 13, 2007


Cop sues family of slain driver
A man hit a Chicago police officer with his car in 2005 and dragged him for 10 feet under the car's bumper, the police officer alleged in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Officer Brian Rovano filed the suit against the family of the driver, Emmanuel Lopez, 23, who was shot to death by police during the incident on Sept. 16, 2005, near 37th Place and Kedzie Avenue.

But the Lopez family disputes that account, saying in their own lawsuit filed last year that police shot Lopez in the back and then conspired to cover up the incident.

This needed to happen a long time ago. These families have produce off-spring that would have never been able to produce an honest days living. The criminal offspring have become a source of a windfall for the families and lawyers at the expense of the tax paying citizens. This reminds me of the North Hollwood shootout where the family of bank robber,Emil Matasareanu, filed a lawsuit against the LAPD, officer James Vojtecky, and officer John Futrell [retired], in a wrongful death/civil rights violation lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the police let him bleed to death.
Officer Martin Whitfield was one of the police officers seriously wounded early in the gun battle when an armor piercing round shattered 4-6 inches of his femur bone. He lay wounded and bleeding for most of the battle and lost 40% of his blood. Officer Martin Whitfield was forced to retire. Whitfield has since filed a lawsuit against Matasareanu's estate and the gun manufacturer. The lawsuit filed by the family of Matasareanu was declared a mistrial since the jury was hopelessly deadlocked 9-3. The children of Emil Matasareanu said they are willing to drop their civil rights lawsuit against the city and two police officers provided the officers are barred from counter suing for malicious prosecution. This is why this has been a long time coming.


Anonymous said...

Good--we should all do that. Screw these assholes who hide behind being "poor". Even if we don't recover a dime, we can put them through hell.

Anonymous said...

If the scumbag owns a house, they should also file a lien on it too.

Anonymous said...

have the any well-fare - go to the officers. Start sueing these people, if I lose money over them getting stuff for free.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Guy from the Los Angeles Police Department is officially retired and works as a pastor in a church in Panama.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.